xR6xi Octane Fitness Elliptical trainer

xR6xi Octane Fitness Elliptical: The Best in Seated Cardio


Are you looking for a breakthrough recumbent elliptical? Look no more, we’ve found one in the xR6xi Octane Fitness Elliptical: The Best in Seated Cardio. The Octane XR6 seated elliptical is a deluxe cross trainer for all skill levels. Built for comfort and efficient results, it lets you exercise with support from a contoured high-backed seat and pedal calories away about 25% more efficiently compared with other seated ellipticals or recumbent bikes.

A smartly engineered 16” footpath helps maximize your lower body muscle recruitment, and multi-grip handlebars allow for varied upper body motion. Below is our review of this excellent elliptical trainer.

This model is the second of three XRide recumbent ellipticals. (Others are the XR4 and XRide XR6000.) Because XRide ellipticals allow zero impact motion and are easy on your back, they can be excellent for everything from low-intensity physical rehab to high-intensity cardio and strength training with minimized risk of strain.

Choice of three consoles

XR6 owners get a choice of three data consoles. The simplest console has five built-in training programs that can each be used with 20 resistance levels. The mid-level console has additional standard workouts and Workout Boosters. (Workout Boosters can be combined with standard workouts for advanced cross training.)

And the top-tier XR6 elliptical console with tablet holder can connect with the SmartLink cross training app, which has a 43-item workout menu. These three different consoles are the XR6 Classic, XR6X, and the top-tier console is the xR6xi. Depending on console selection the machine sells for $3499 or more.

xR6xi Octane Fitness Elliptical trainer
xR6xi design

xR6xi Octane Fitness Elliptical affords users an efficient and unique heart rate interactive workouts. It also has customization options that are unavailable on other cardiovascular machines. Smart fitness enthusiasts will take advantage of the exclusive HeartLogicTM Intelligence technology. You’ll reap significant benefits from using optimal workouts that use the precision of heart rate training and the effectiveness of interval training.

Seated Elliptical

Most of all this seated elliptical offers total-body, low-impact cardiovascular exercises, with strong endurance resistance training, in a supported, seated position. Breakthrough PowerStrokeTM technology encompasses a longer range of motion for the lower extremities thereby engaging the gluteals more. Because the elliptical motion can be forward or reverse it provides for greater variety.

Elliptical cross trainers have exploded in popularity over the past decade, primarily because they’re low- impact, and have effective and efficient workouts. Therefore, these workouts can challenge everyone from beginners to athletes. Plus, some ellipticals with moving handlebars engage the major muscle groups of the upper body and deliver total-body workouts that maximize caloric expenditure.

Manufacturers have primarily focused on the lower-body motion, and, as a result, the upper- body handlebars and path of travel has not developed. But now Octane Fitness, a leading brand of elliptical cross trainers with modern innovations, delivers a more comfortable, satisfying and productive training experience.

Octane Fitness redefined seated elliptical workouts due to the invention of the one-of-a-kind xR6xi recumbent elliptical. The premium xR6xi can interact with your tablet via the SmartLink app. Another feature is SmartLight technology which keeps you motivated throughout your workout.

Product: xR6xi Octane Fitness Elliptical

Price: click here to check for the lowest price on amazon.com

Warranty: Frame lifetime, parts 5 years, labor 1 year

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

xR6xi Octane Fitness Elliptical Features:

xR6xi Octane Fitness Elliptical
  • Premium, a high polished display screen
  • SmartLink, Bluetooth® connectivity
  • 43 workout programs with SmartLink
  • Multicolor SmartLight feedback
  • Simultaneously displays essential workout data
  • Digital contact heart rate sensors
  • Wireless heart rate with a FREE Polar® heart rate strap
  • Powerstroke pedal motion
  • 20 seat height positions and five tilt settings
  • Easy access, step-through design
  • Powerstroke Technology

Most noteworthy is the technology that sets the xR6xi Octane Fitness Elliptical apart from recumbent bikes. It’s known as Powerstroke technology, and it allows for optimal leg extension and power drive, delivering more muscle engagement.

Taking advantage of PowerStroke technology, xR6xi users have 343% more glute activity and burn 23% more calories than compared to recumbent bike riders. The step-through design provides safe and easy on/off access from the elliptical trainer. Also, it comes fully loaded with Octane features including MultiGrip handlebars, soft grip pedals, and Workout Boosters.

breakthrough recumbent elliptical trainer

Advanced Console Technology

The console is simple to navigate. You decide which level of technology to fuel your workout. The xR6xi console accommodates your iPad with three placement options – Watch, Read and Surf. Consequently, the large display screen shows all your workout data at once, and Octane only offers the SmartLight technology.

SmartLight reveals how hard you’re exercising and if you’re in your target heart rate zone and when to prepare for the next interval in a Workout Boosters program. Now that’s smarter training.

Functional Comfort

For optimum fit for any size user, the xR6xi has 20 seat height positions and five seat tilt settings. Consequently, the increased height and angle options enable users to utilize different leverage points for targeted muscular endurance conditioning.

breakthrough recumbent elliptical trainer
space saving

Home Exercise Space Efficiency

Built on a robust, efficient platform, the xR6xi is significantly shorter and more narrow than other premium ellipticals or recumbent bikes. Thus, it will blend seamlessly into any room at home.

The platform provides a convenient step-through area. Thus making it safe and easy for any user to get on and off the recumbent elliptical.

xR6xi Octane Fitness Elliptical  with an Unbeatable Design

It also comes loaded with features exclusive to Octane Fitness home exercise products.

Oversized pedals with soft grip texture provide a variety of comfortable foot placements to target muscle groups as you drive forward or backward. Also, the stationary foot pegs provide added versatility and facilitate upper-body only exercises.

The Patented Converging Path and MultiGrip handlebars provide better engagement of the upper body, focusing on muscle engagement, and assisting with custom-fitting every user. Therefore, it allows for the upper body to move in a more natural, comfortable path.

What is SmartLink?

SmartLink is an app that helps link your fitness goals to real results! SmartLink wirelessly connects to and controls your Octane machine from your mobile device. Therefore, you have access to a ton of information and programs that will make your workouts more efficient, effective and motivating!

Furthermore, you can take advantage of live videos. CROSS CiRCUIT exercises and Workout Boosters provide a ton of extras that will help you get fit and stay fit.

With easy app updates, you’ll benefit from even more exercises and workouts for years to come!

  • SmartLink is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0
  • 3rd generation iPad or later (including all iPad minis)
  • iPhone 5 or later
  • iPod Touch 5th generation or later; running iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Android Tablets running Android OS 4.3 or later, 1 GB of RAM (it’s not optimized for Android phones)

In Addition, you get Smarter Workouts

First of all, SmartLink allows you to pick your exercise goals – Lose Weight, Feel Better, Get Stronger and improve Athletic Performance. Secondly, SmartLink will develop an individual 30-, 60-, or 90-day customized program. Thirdly, your virtual personal trainer and motivating coach will keep you working toward your goals.

Every time you log in, the app delivers your personalized workout regimen, duration and intensity level. Designed by fitness professionals to stimulate progress and performance. SmartLink even recalibrates when necessary to ensure that you are staying on track.

SmartLink does all the planning and thinking. Therefore, you just get on and get going!

Workout Tracking

In Addition, SmartLink makes it easy to see and share your progress. Furthermore, it will automatically store your workouts, preferences, and tracks your sweat session details. All this in one convenient app!

Also, SmartLink allows you to monitor calories burned, time, distance, speed, heart rate and more. Furthermore, you’ll get a quick, comprehensive view of your efforts.

Hence, share your success and stay on track with social media links, available directly through SmartLink.

The 30:30 program on the xR6xi Octane Fitness Elliptical meet the necessary requirements to provide users with a means to work out at high intensities. Therefore, improving maximal oxygen consumption which in turn lead to improvements in biological age.

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Most noteworthy, the xR6xi Octane Fitness Elliptical allows for zero-impact cross training from the comfort of a contoured seat with customized height and angle. Also, compared with other brands’ recumbent fitness machines the xR6xi is more effective at working specific muscles and lets you burn about 25% more calories.

It’s a high-quality option for those seeking to exercise the upper body and lower body simultaneously and with low risk of strain. Three consoles are available to meet different shoppers’ preferences. Also, the machine’s parts are under warranty for five years and the frame has a lifetime guarantee.


The main potential drawback is that Octane Fitness equipment is too high-priced for most shoppers. Also worth considering is that XR6 recumbent ellipticals are heavy (244 pounds) and need dedicated space. Finally, some shoppers would prefer a trainer like the XR6000 for its optional multimedia entertainment (web browser, TV, and wireless radio).

Consequently, if you are interested in a little lower priced recumbent elliptical then take a look at the xR4x Octane Elliptical. You’ll find them in the $2,000.00 price range.


The xR6xi Octane Fitness Elliptical is sized for home use but performs like a health club fitness machine. It’s comfortable, durable and designed to fit a wide range of body sizes and workout goals. It isn’t the most cost-effective recumbent elliptical, but it’s especially effective at calorie burn and it carries a long warranty on parts. We’d park this unit near a home entertainment center to give the household extra encouragement to exercise regularly.

In conclusion, if you decide this xR6xi Octane Fitness Elliptical is right for you. Take advantage of Amazons price. My recommendation is to have it assembled and I recommend Amazon for these reasons:

  • Get expert assembly for your product at a time that works for you
  • No hassles; No fumbling with tiny parts, complicated instructions, or tools
  • It gets inspected for safety
  • Provides Quality service by a handpicked local expert and is Backed by Amazon’s Happiness Guarantee

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have anything that you’d like to share or any opinions on any of the content on my site, please do speak up. I look forward to your comments, questions and the sharing of ideas.

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  1. Hi
    Really like this machine, but like you said they need a lot of space and are expensive, (never even seen one in a gym ! ) But with gym prices increasing all the time, it would probably pay for it’s self in the end. Just need to kick the car out of the garage ! lol
    Thanks for the review really interesting

  2. Very interesting review on this elliptical trainer, I never knew they made them so you could workout sitting down instead of having to stand up before reading your article today.

    The price is high for many people to afford without some sort of payment plan, I don’t suppose there is any type of payment plan for such a high quality exercise machine so more people could afford one?

    1. Yes, the price is high which is a drawback. However, there is a model xR4 which is under $2,000.00. If you purchase thru Amazon you could apply for credit and make installment payments.. Thank-you for your comments.


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