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Have you Considered Working out as a Couple?


Have you Considered Working out as a Couple? Hitting the gym with a workout buddy is not only a great company but can be incredibly motivating, too. Countless studies show that working out with a partner will maximize your results.

According to a study in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, working out with your partner can double your performance and give you your dream body twice as fast. Isn’t that great! Working out as a couple is a significant team-building activity, and you’ll want your partner to be on your team forever.

So we ask you, who better to work out with than your significant other? Here’s some advice on working out as a couple. So go on, grab your partner and get going!

Benefits of Working out as a Couple

The two of you may be at different fitness levels and have different goals, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise together. There are plenty of reasons to give it a try:

working out as a couple
working out as a couple

1. Safety.

With someone else watching your form and being there to help you when you need it, you’ll exercise more safely than if you were alone. Besides, who cares more about your safety than your soulmate?

2. Quality time.

Couples spend most of their time apart due to careers and other responsibilities. Instead of hitting the gym alone, plan a workout time that fits both of your schedules. You’ll reach your fitness goals, without sacrificing that one-on-one time that every partnership needs.

3. A common interest.

Add exercise to your list of shared interests and hobbies. The possibility for new, unique activities is endless and keeps things exciting. You can never have too much in common.

4. Motivation and support.

Getting encouragement and praise from your partner is one of the best motivators. It’ll help both of you remain consistent and take care of one another.

5. A deeper bond.

working out as a couple
Seniors cycling together

Exercise produces chemicals in the brain that evoke feelings of happiness, reduce stress, and also increase arousal and libido. Several studies show that men and women who exercise regularly report better (and more frequent) sex with their partners.

6. Respect and pride.

Taking care of your body and your health shows the person you care about why you want to be your best for them—and that you want to be around for years to come.

7. Balance.

In many couples, one partner tends to favor cardio (typically women) while the other tends to support strength training (usually men). By working out together, you can balance your workout program to include more of both. Let your partner teach you about the areas of fitness you’re unsure of and be open to new fitness experiences.

Try new workouts

The first rule of exercising together. Do not try to keep up with your partner if you cannot. Thou shall not judge nor be judged. An unhealthy competition will lead to over-exertion and muscle damage. So know your body and act accordingly.

working out as a couple
try new things

Nobody likes to be criticised on their workout. Being a know-it-all, and ending up judging the other person will put a stop to couple workouts forever! Be supportive and appreciate each other’s accomplishments. We are pretty sure you’d  feel great if you were treated the same way.

Working out as a couple can open many new and exciting doors. Maybe one of you is into yoga, and the other often lift free weights. Bring your partner along with you to your next yoga class and in return venture to the gym to learn your partner’s weightlifting routine. By trying new activities together, you might find something you like and can incorporate into your routine.

You’ll be held accountable

In your relationship, you hold each other responsible for various things, such as taking out the garbage and remembering to pay the phone bill? Going to the gym is no different. You will set expectations for yourself and your significant other. You will help hold them accountable so you can reach your goals together and in return, they will do the same. It’s harder to skip a day of working out when someone expects you to be there with them.

Fuel each other’s passion

By cheering each other on, you will not only build a great support system but generate great motivation as well. Talk out your options and preferences before you prepare a workout plan. And once you do, just stick to it. It shows that you value the other person’s time and dedication. It is a non-verbal appreciation and gesture to prove they can lean on you.

Date night

Great reasons why this is the best kind of date:

working out as a couple
balancing hectic schedules
  • The emotional impact of working out as a couple will strengthen your relationship.
  • You learn about your partner on both physical and emotional level.
  • Your routines will fall into place with same sleep pattern, food plans and workout ideas.
  • You learn more about yourself than your partner.
  • Constant support and accountability.

Balancing hectic schedules and the ebbs and flows of life can be tricky. Next time you hit the gym together treat it as a date. Instead of splitting up to do your workout, interact while running on the treadmill or pick an activity and use it to bond.

Incorporate fitness into your lifestyle

Make fitness part of your everyday lifestyle. It doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym together all the time, but it can mean including fun activities in your routine. Going for hikes, going for a family swim or going on a bike ride are all great activities that promote a healthy lifestyle and ensure some quality time together.


It can take a lot of effort and plan to ensure that you and your partner fit your workouts into both of your hectic schedules. You need to be in constant communication about what’s going on in your life so you can coordinate your plans – especially if you want to work out together. It takes planning and a 50/50 effort on everyone’s part.

Healthy competition

There’s nothing wrong with a healthy competition! Challenge your partner to complete a 5K run or cycling race and see who achieves the best time. Set up a contest of who can do the most squats or who can lift the most weight. It is a fun way to keep your workouts exciting and motivate each other to perform at your absolute best.

working out as a couple
challenge your partner to a 5K Run or Walk

Educate your partner

Let your partner know your goals. Let them know when you’ve accomplished something you’re particularly proud of achieving. Share any knowledge you’ve learned regarding health and fitness and have them do the same. It will ensure you’re on the same page and maintain a great support system. Knowledge is power!

Final Thoughts on Working out as a Couple

Spending quality time with your partner is vital to nurture and strengthen your relationship. The couple that plays together stays together. Exercising with your partner will strengthen your muscles, your heart, and your relationship. Apart from being a great support system, you guys can become workout buddies and have some serious fun, creating a great body in the process!

We hope you have a great workout together, and most importantly, have some fun too!

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have anything that you’d like to share or any opinions on any of the content on my site, please do speak up. I look forward to your comments, questions and the sharing of ideas.

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