Vectra’s Innovative Design makes the VX-38 a Winner!


Vectra’s Innovative Design makes the VX-38 a Winner! In this day and age, it’s tough to balance family, work, and exercise, especially when you have to commute to a gym and back. It’s where home gyms come in handy.

The Vectra VX-38 is a top of the line home gym. Each station has its dedicated weight stack which is ideal for multiple users. Also with various users in mind, Vectra arranged the weight stacks around the unit, so there is no awkward face to face or shoulder to shoulder moments.

The Vectra VX-38 comes with a multi-position padded hold-down system so that the user’s legs stay comfortably in place. Along with an Automatic Ratcheting Cam on the butterfly station, the VX-38 is a leading innovator in technology to ensure comfort and maximum workout for the user.

The VX-38 continues to set the standard for multi-stack, multi-station weight machines. This unit is ideally suited for multiple users in a home or institutional setting.

Why is the VX-38 for you?

If you want to train by yourself, with other family members, or within a small group, the three stack VX-38 is for you. You are a person who appreciates commercial quality and value in your purchasing decisions. If you desire to duplicate health club quality in a multi-station gym. You also want to avoid the typical inconveniences of a health club membership, like fighting traffic, parking, waiting for the machine you want to use to become available, leftover sweat from the previous user, time away from home, etc.

vectra vx-38
Vectra VX-38

Natural Motion

The Parallelogram Direct-Drive Press Arm eliminates cable stretch. It lifts the weight at an exact 1:1 ratio in an arc similar to the natural motion of a correctly performed free weight bench press. The handy 21-position fingertip adjustment lever allows you to change press arm location while you are in the exercise, saving you valuable workout time.

Product: Vectra VX-38 Premium Multi Stack Powerhouse

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  • (in-home use): 10 years frame, weight stacks, guide rods, and pulleys; 5 years cables, bearings, and upholstery; 1 year for other, unlisted parts.
  • (light commercial use): 5 years frame, weight stacks, and guide rods; 1 year for other, unlisted parts.

My Rating: 9.8/10

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Handcrafted and proudly made one at a time in the U.S.A.


Weight stacks: powder coated machined cast iron stacks with alloy selector shaft for low minimum weight, and premium selector pin. Optional Packages:

  • Three 210 lb. Weight Stacks (standard)
  • Two 210 Ib. , One 260 Ib. Weight Stacks
  • One 210 Ib. , Two 260 Ib. Weight Stacks
  • Three 260 Ib. Weight Stacks

Maximum press resistance:

  • 310lbs for all lifting exercises (press arm weighs 50lbs).

Minimum press resistance:

  • Two weight reduction springs are included and can be installed on the press arm to reduce the weight by 20lb per spring.

Leg Press Resistance:

  • 350 lbs. standard, 440 lbs. available.

Leg developer:

  • ball bearing pivot, cam, and accommodating pads, locking 2-position seat for supported leg curls, from fitting shin pads, 12-position seat back for back support.


  • Heavy-duty welded steel construction. Quality powder coat finishes for durability.

Ball Bearings:

  • For unsurpassed smoothness of operation, ball bearings are used extensively throughout the VX machines.vectra vx-38

Seamless Cushions:

  • more durable than molded or sewn cushions.

Frame Colors Available:

  • All Series VX machines are available in White, Black, Sterling Silver and Classic Pewter.

Upholstery Colors:

  • Black and Grey standard. Inquire about other color options.


  • Fiberglass reinforced nylon, 4-1/2” and 6” diameter, ball bearing hub.


  • Internally lubricated, clear nylon coated 7 x 19 strand construction, aircraft quality, 2000 lb. Tensile strength, stainless steel fittings.

Guide Rods:

  • Stainless steel, linear polished.

Weight Stack Guards:

  • Standard.

About Vectra

In 1987 Vectra introduced its first single-stack weight machine, the On-Line 1500, which revolutionized the industry with features such as the patented “no cable change” On-Line® system. That, along with other proprietary technologies in that gym established Vectra as the industry leader, and they have remained at the pinnacle for all these years. There emphasis on innovation, attention to detail and making biomechanics the highest priority has earned Vectra unrivaled respect from those in the strength training field. The VX Series is the embodiment of nearly 20 years of development. As you examine it in detail, you will agree. Vectra has raised the bar again.

Parallelogram Direct-Drive

Direct drive press arm design provides natural arc movement and eliminates cable stretch at the pressing station. It lifts the weight at an exact 1:1 ratio in an arc similar to the natural motion of a correctly performed free weight bench press. Handy 21-position, fingertip adjustment.

Vector Bench

The new generation Vector™ bench features seven positions, with a 15-degree decline to a shoulder press. All locations offer full back support – as you adjust the back pad, the seat pad automatically adjusts to the correct angle. This bench is also the perfect place for abdominal and dumbbell work. Spring-loaded wheels make positioning comfortable, and they retract to ensure the seat stays put during use.

No multi-gym is complete without squats, often called the “King of Exercises,” and the Series VX squat exercise is unsurpassed.

Butterfly Station

It’s patented ARC (Automatic Ratcheting Cam) allows you to customize your starting position, with nine fine increments, pre-stretch settings per arm. While you are in the exercise position, each arm adjusts separately, ensuring the perfect range of motion setting to match your flexibility.

The multi-position lat hold-down keeps you comfortably but firmly in position.

Pulley Stations

The Series VX pulley stations are versatile and, like all Vectra machines, operate very smoothly. The high pulley, swiveling low pulley, and swiveling mid pulley provide you options for a significant number of quality strength training exercises. Innovative cable attachments are designed to make changes extremely quick and easy.

The chest supported row seat back has 12 positions and a one-touch adjustment lever and also provides back support during leg extension exercises. The ball-bearing smooth row arm features narrow and wide grip handle positions.

The locking two position seat, cam and accommodating pads make the leg curl and extension exercises extremely comfortable and productive.

Maximizing the Number of Exercises per Station

Biceps/triceps and leg exercises at the same station? Yes, as with all Vectra machines, extreme care is taken to maximize the number of uses per square foot. In this case, the seat back for the leg press/calf press converts in one movement to a biomechanically correct preacher curl station. You will appreciate the cambered bar, ideally positioned for your next set in a pinch-proof cradle.

During leg presses, the non-skid footplate pivots throughout the exercise motion, minimizing ankle stress. Adjust the ball-bearing guided seat back and move the feet down onto the purpose designed section of the footplate for an unbeatable calf press. The step-through design and the handy stack location are other features that separate Vectra from the pack.

Each station has its dedicated weight stack which is ideal for multiple users. Also with multiple users in mind, Vectra arranged the weight stacks around the unit, so there is no awkward face to face or shoulder to shoulder moments. Learn more>>

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  • 8’7″ L  X 7’5″ W  X 6’11” Hvectra vx-38


  • 1160 Lbs

Included accessories:

  • weight stack guards;
  • padded ab/tricep strap and ankle strap;
  •  lat bar;
  • curl bar;
  • D-handle;
  • squat attachments;
  • low row/calf block;
  •  adjustable lat hold-down;
  • exercise/safety poster.

Final Thoughts on the Vectra VX-38

The VX 38 Weight Machine with a 21 Position Fingertip Adjustment Level is one of the complete systems that you can have in your home gym. Weight machines such as this model are designed to give you the entire weight training experience with just a single machine. However, VX 38 takes this idea further by offering so many different options for working out. You won’t have to purchase multiple pieces of equipment for weight training. The best part is that users won’t even have to wait for the machine to get their workout done!

If you are looking for a solution that will help you to take care of all of your weight training in one place, then the VX 38 is likely the best option for your needs. You will also be very satisfied with the durability and flexibility that this system provides.
While you will likely need a good amount of space to feature this item in a home gym, it does come with an added benefit of wheels for easy adjustment.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have anything that you’d like to share or any opinions on any of the content on my site, please do speak up. I look forward to your comments, questions and the sharing of ideas.

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