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See our Top Predictions for 2018 Fitness Trends


Top Predictions for 2018 Fitness Trends. Last year saw it all, kombucha-based cocktails (fermented tea to you and I), protein-packed insect snacks and commuters on scooters. There’s no doubt more, and more of us are starting to lead healthier and balanced lifestyles, take the popularity of Veganuary this month for example.

So what does 2018 have up its sleeve?

2018 Fitness Trends: 1. Boxing

The boxing trend that swept the nation in 2016/2017 will be evolving in 2018 with a progression of interest in combat sports leading to a rise in classes specializing in martial arts, kickboxing, and Muay Thai.

These fast-paced, intense workouts engage the whole body while improving cardiovascular health, stamina and building lean muscle mass.

2018 Fitness Trends: 2. Slacklining

While it might look simple, comprising of a tightrope elevated just a few inches off the ground, holding your balance on a slackline is no easy feat.

This workout engages the core and can be done nearly anywhere, making it the perfect park exercise.

2018 fitness trends

2018 Fitness Trends: 3. New recovery rules

Any trainer worth their salt will tell you that recovery is just as significant when training as the workout itself.

That’s why this year will see the focus shift to advanced recovery plans, such as targeting the fascia – a connective tissue made mostly from collagen which wraps around the muscles, ligaments, and organs in our bodies to control mobility.

Keeping vital muscles and tissue, such as the fascia, in excellent condition reduces injury risk and heightens muscle mobility, enabling you to perform better, for longer.

We will soon be seeing a rise in the use of advanced recovery techniques usually reserved for athletes.

Gyms will also be introducing recovery based classes and workouts, which focus on stretching, releasing and mobilizing your joints and muscles.

2018 Fitness Trends: 4. DNA fitness testing

2018 fitness trends
DNA profile

Contrary to popular belief, science is now proving that nobody is, or ever was, bound to their genes.

Through DNA fitness testing, fitness goers can check in on their microbiome activity and tailor fitness regimes and nutrition plan to optimize healthy living while continually re-programming their genetic identity.

2018 Fitness Trends: 5. Serotonin-boosting foods

We’ll soon be checking food labels for serotonin-boosting ingredients, such as tryptophan which is found in bananas, walnuts, salmon and green tea.

Great for emotional stability, calmness, good sleep and a general state of wellbeing, serotonin is known as the “happy hormone.”

2018 Fitness Trends: 6. Infused waters

While mint, lemon, ginger and coconut waters have been around for a while and their benefits widely-known, as a community of wellness-warriors we’re always on the hunt for more.

This year, infused waters are stepping up a gear with innovative new products on the market such as alkaline water, plant water, cascara-infused water and electrolyte-enhanced water.

2018 fitness trends
Kombucha drink

2018 Fitness Trends: 7. Booch is the new booze

Dry January will kick-start the shift from alcohol to booch, as we incorporate Kombucha into our daily diets.

This fermented drink is a power player when it comes to gut health, helping you to maintain a healthy immune system thanks to its high levels of probiotics and antioxidants which kill harmful bacteria.

2018 Fitness Trends: 8. Plant-based diets

Plant-based diets are more popular than ever before and with reports of brighter skin, lower blood pressure and improved energy levels, it’s no wonder.

This is a fascinating time for healthy food and the wellness world in general as we see more and more plant-based brands enter the market to meet huge customer demand.

2018 Fitness Trends: 9. Sound healing

The ancient tool is said to use rhythm and frequency to shift our brainwaves into a state of perfect balance.

The practice involves listening to percussive instruments such as gongs or tuning forks, which can place you into a meditative state – moving us from a normal waking state of consciousness (beta) to our relaxed awareness (alpha) and even delta (sleep) where internal healing naturally occurs.

2018 Fitness Trends: 10. Scientific gamification health tracking

As technology advancements race ahead, we’re able to monitor ourselves more easily and conveniently in today’s acceleration society.

Plus, who’s got the time to keep up with our hectic lives anyway? Well, there’s an app for that, and Nike+ is just one of them.

2018 fitness trends

Although there’s a vast array of fitness and health tracking apps already out on the market, we’re noticing a steady incline in more science-based applications – especially those that enable an element of gamification to challenge your mates.

2018 Fitness Trends: 11. Mainstream meditation

Meditation and mindfulness are buzzwords for 2018.

Yogis have been practicing meditation for millennia, but the rest of us are just starting to catch on.

Apps like headspace have helped to make meditation mainstream, and we’re beginning to reap the benefits.

In 2018, we’re going to see meditation classes, studios and events cropping up and spreading across the world as the practice becomes more mainstream.

2018 Fitness Trends: 12. Beyond Athleisure

Athleisure clothing bridges the gaps between functional, comfortable and work-appropriate clothing.

In 2018 we’re expecting a revolution.

2018 fitness trends

2018 Fitness Trends: 13. Plant-based beauty

Brands are embracing plant power when it comes to beauty products and treatments; from avocados for your face (not just your toast) in the form of avocado oils to apple cider vinegar toners to hemp body creams and turmeric natural skin glow, these are the new superfoods for the skin.

2018 Fitness Trends: 14. Mental health

Mental health awareness has recently exploded. It’s no longer a sign of weakness, but of bravery. With chief executives recently opening up about their mental health, the workplace is increasingly becoming a judgment-free space.

So much so, various companies are awakening to its vast prevalence and are looking for solutions to keep their staff healthy in mind and body.

There’s no doubt 2018 will see an increase in corporate business mental health therapy programmes to aid today’s overwhelming levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.

2018 Fitness Trends: 15. Health-conscious traveling

Our eyes are being opened to the health-conscious travel experiences that the world has to offer; from Shinrin Yoki (forest bathing) in Japan to a traditional Vipassana (silent retreat) in India.

Hotels around the globe are waking up to this growing market of healthy travelers, and offering experiences to appeal to them.

2018 Fitness Trends: 16. World food healing spices

Our exposure to various cultures and traditions has padded out our knowledge bank and usage of healthy food spices.

That’s why adaptogenic herbs and spices such as turmeric are taking off. Beyond food flavoring, these food additions are great for decreasing inflammation, improving gut health and restoring mental health.

2018 fitness trends
happy hikers

2018 Fitness Trends: 17. Happy hikers

A significant travel trend for 2018 is going to be back-to-basics fitness, in the form of hiking – a fantastic workout that also provides mental benefits.

Surrounded by nature has been proven to reduce stress and increase positive mood. And the best bit is… anyone can do it.

I hope you found this article helpful and as always I look forward to your comments, questions and the sharing of ideas.

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48 thoughts on “See our Top Predictions for 2018 Fitness Trends

  1. Never heard of slacklining before. I will have to try this, but seems like your balance has to be right on point to survive this!

  2. So many fitness trends. Here I am just reading articles on how to get fit. Haha.. It’s time for me to do something, I guess. Thanks for this post!

  3. Slacklining seems interesting. I have poor core strength and I think this would be the best exercise to strengthen my core since it doesn’t look like exercising to me. It’s more of like playing a game. I hope that trend becomes big!

  4. These are very interesting trend predictions. I am very interested in the food trends. Hopefully these trends are going to be a great help for people who desperately needs to get back to a healthier self.

  5. Very interesting and useful post. I am nowadays reducing my meat consumption and relying more on plant-based diet as it helps me to maintain my weight. I like the word “Scientific Gamification” in which more and more technology helps in maintaining our health and keep track of it. I always enjoy cycling and I do a lot of skipping which I consider to be a good cardio workout. Anyways thanks for the wonderful post.

  6. Mental health awareness is definitely important. I’ve been going through some mental issues for the past several months and I’m just glad that my family and friends support me. I hope that more people will be less judgmental of those who are suffering with mental health issues.

    1. Hi Abby, I agree with you. I hope that a recent tragedy in my country brings much-needed attention to mental health awareness. Maybe events like what happended could be prevented. Thanks for sharing, Robert

  7. I wonder if this year would be the year we see vegan burgers in McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King become mainstream. I see some branches in some states offer one in their menu but not all.

  8. Food filled with the “happy hormone”.. that piqued my interest!

    Time to gobble ’em walnuts and bananas, people… they make you happier. 😉

  9. Interesting read. I must say we really need to balance our health (mental and physically) and life these days since a lot of things are happening fast. We should strive to be good person’s inside and out! Thank you for this!!

  10. Hi Robert? Thank you for sharing the trends this early in the year. I think boxing is something that I would like to try out considering you will be keeping fit as well as learning some defensive moves.

  11. DNA fitness testing is something that I would love to try out because science never lies. Hiking also seems like a trend that I would like to try as others on the list don’t seem like they would work in the long run.

  12. Cycling is one of the biggest trend in my country. It may be road cycling or mountain biking, either one is making noise and is really popular right now.

  13. I believe that unconventional fitness trends such as trampoline should be somewhere included in this list because it’s really a rising trend.

  14. Taking a note from this awesome article, I’m now going to include ‘happy hormone’ boosting foods into my family’s diet chart. I liked the idea of infused water as well. Things sound to be so common but so immensely beneficial.

  15. I don’t like the word “trend”. It makes it seem like things will die out soon, but I don’t think these “trends” should die out any soon, especially the avocados!

  16. Looking forward to seeing this trends put into action. I think both martial arts and meditation compliment each other in allowing us serenity and the ability to defend ourselves. Don’t forget the high number of people switching to vegetarianism or veganism! Thanks for the read!

  17. I wonder if DNA fitness testing has really caught on. But you are the expert. When it becomes mainstream it will be employed more and more for weight management and exercise enthusiasts.

  18. My top pick for your top trends article is scientific gamification health tracking. The demand for health tracking is high. I think we will see an increase not just in 2018 but also in the future.

  19. Among the fitness trends mentioned, I would love to try boxing and plant based diets. I always believe there’s nothing more effective than preparing the right diet and doing the best exercise. Our body can only do so much.

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