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Tips for Buying Best Home Exercise Equipment


Tips for Buying Best Home Exercise Equipment. If you don’t know much about the equipment you want to purchase, your first stop should be at a specialty fitness retailer or exercise equipment dealer that has sales staff who understand exercise and can answer questions and demonstrate the proper use of equipment. If you know what you want, you can often find the best price on equipment by shopping online.

Questions to Ask Before Buying

Often, the most significant challenge is deciding which fitness product is the right one. A piece of home exercise equipment should be selected based on the anatomy, interests, and fitness level of the user. In general, you should ask and answer the following questions before you buy:

  • What is my current fitness level now and what is my goal?
  • How much do I want to spend?
  • Do I enjoy this activity? Will this exercise help me get fit for other activities I enjoy?
  • How much space do I have the equipment?
  • Is this item safe for me to use?
  • Does this item have a warranty?
  • How much time will I exercise on this equipment?
  • Will I get bored using this equipment?
  • How does it compare to other exercise equipment?
  • Will anyone else use the equipment?

If you are looking for the best home exercise equipment choices to design a home gym or just looking for one quality exercise product, but you are on a tight budget, you still can get a great workout at home. Here are some ideas for inexpensive Home Exercise Equipment.

Jump Ropes

home exercise equipment
jump rope


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Jumping rope is a high-intensity cardiovascular workout that requires balance, strength, and agility. You can use it nearly anytime and anywhere as a complete workout or for quick intervals between weight training sets or circuit training stations. Pack one in your suitcase, and you never will miss another workout due to your travel schedule.

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home exercise equipment


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Kettlebells are cast iron hand weights that help you get back to basic training by developing functional, whole body fitness. Lifting and controlling a kettlebell engages multiple muscle groups at once. They are a great addition to any home gym.

Rowing Machines


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Rowing Machines are useful if you want one piece of equipment that provides a whole body workout. Rowing uses both the upper and lower body for aerobic exercise. Proper technique on a rowing machine is essential to avoid back strain.

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Spin Exercise Bicycles

home exercise equipment
spin bike


Buy from Amazon.com

Stationary bikes are widely used for exercising at home. They offer a non-impact cardiovascular workout and are great for the overweight or sedentary person just starting to exercise. They primarily use the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Bikes come in a variety of price ranges. Generally speaking, a high caliber bike will cost $500 to $1000.

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Elliptical Trainers


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Elliptical trainers offer a comfortable, non-impact exercise activity that almost anyone can do. The movement is horizontally oval. You can adjust the intensity or keep the flow smooth for the very sedentary. It is currently the most popular item in health clubs, and you may want to try out several models before selecting one.

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Home Treadmills



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Treadmills are a favorite piece of aerobic equipment for home use. Treadmills let you walk or run indoors regardless of the time of day or weather. When purchasing look for a stable, smooth action, steady pace, wide belt, safety shut off, and incline settings. Quality models range from $1000 and up. Make sure any treadmill you consider is built to withstand a substantial load, as running on a treadmill creates a great deal of force. Be sure to check the warranty and customer service.

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Free Weights


Buy from Amazon.com

Including free weights in your home gym isn’t for everyone, but free weights and a stable weight rack allow you do one of the most important exercises for strength – the full squat. Multi-station gyms may be a good substitute for many people, but if you have the experience and space free weights are the way to go.

home exercise equipment
balance ball

Balance Balls and Trainers


Buy from Amazon.com

Balance equipment is an excellent, inexpensive addition to any home gym. Balance exercises will improve your core strength, agility, and coordination in all sports and substantially reduce your risk of injury.

home exercise equipment
stair climber

Stair Climbers | Step Machines


Buy from Amazon.com

Step machines use the lower body primarily in anaerobic capacity. Finding a high-quality step machine can be expensive, however. Steppers give an excellent workout aerobically, strengthen and build the lower body muscles, and are low impact

Recumbent Cycles


Buy from Amazon.com

Recumbent cycles provide more support to the lower back and minimize the stress on the knees compared with an upright bicycle. Recumbents offer a cardiovascular workout that uses the muscles of the gluteus, quadriceps, and hamstrings.

Final Thoughts about Home Exercise Equipment:

Any piece of exercise equipment is an excellent choice if you use it. If you don’t use it, the most expensive, top of the line, state of the art item is worthless to you. Remember, you are the only one who can indeed determine the quality of your purchase and the results you get with your new exercise equipment.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have anything that you’d like to share or any opinions on any of the content on my site, please do speak up. I look forward to your comments, questions and the sharing of Ideas.

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62 thoughts on “Tips for Buying Best Home Exercise Equipment

  1. I never knew that even jumping ropes has tutorials. I use to play it as a kid you see and back then jumping rope is as literal as you can get.

  2. The things I always consider before buying this kind of items are its price, quality, and function. This post had it all that’s why it’s really a big help to me. Thanks!

  3. A step towards a healthier year. The price is fair in my opinion considering what we are getting. One workout at a time I guess.

    1. Hi Kazuki, my article gives recommendations for home exercise equipment that you should consider building your home gym around. It’s up to you if you buy just 1 piece, 2 or 3 pieces or all of the pieces. It’s OK to purchase each piece of equipment separately as you build your home gym. We are also trying to anticipate what questions you should have when considerating home exercise equipment. I hope this helps you to understand a little bit better. Thanks for joining, Robert

  4. This would be a great list as a guide if I shop for these. I can start with the stationary bike and treadmill. Thanks for the ideas.

  5. I bought my Elliptical Trainers for 135$ from Amazon and I cannot be more satisfied. It’s not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive. It is affordable and durable at the same time.

  6. I am a bit surprised that there’s actually a treadmill that only costs 289$. Treadmill is my favorite exercise equipment, that’s why I first consider the quality and set aside the price.

    1. Hi Missy, treadmills come in a wide range of prices depending on the features that you want. The one in the article is a basic and affordable treadmill. I especially like treadmills for getting a good cardio workout and for helping with weight loss. Thanks for joining in, Robert

  7. Seen so many friends of mine buying the most expensive exercise equipment for personal use only to have them gather dust in the attic. Word of advice: don’t be one of ’em. 😉 being healthy takes more than just owning awesome pieces of fitness machines, after all

  8. Your well-researched, comprehensively written articles make your site an invaluable source of knowledge for anyone interested in getting fit, Robert. This article, in fact, is specially useful to folks like me who are about to build their own home gym. Thank you :-*

    1. Thank-you Shantay for your kinds words. That’s exactly what I’m trying to do with this website. Come back and give us an update on the equipment you buy for your home gym. Thanks again, Robert

  9. That rowing machine is almost 1000 USD wow. I think I will leave that one out for now and focus on the other equipment or I can just buy a home gym device.

    1. Hi Rhona, the Concept2 Model D rowing machine is reasonably priced. However, there are plenty of products that allow for a person to get a good fitness workout costing a lot of money. Thanks for joining in, Robert

  10. If i were buying this I will start with the smalls ( Skipping rope dumbells etc. ) For those are a lot easier to acquire not to mention cheap. The big machines can come later if I made up my mind and wallet for this. 24

  11. I was able to rescue myself from costly weights by doing a DIY myself. I just filled up empty bottles with sand and well, it turned out great. Feeling proud actually.

  12. I’m planning to buy a Jumping Rope because I heard that skipping is one of the best ways to exercise. Unfortunately, I don’t know the things to consider when buying one.

  13. I may have to look at this on a great distance for now. At least until I deem this necessary because the amount of money involved in this is no joke. Impulse buying I want to avoid that.

    1. Hello Mico, there are inexpensive ways to get and stay fit. When you are ready and able to make an investment in your health and fitness I hope you’ll consider these tips. Thanks for joining in, Robert

  14. I love how you incorporate the HOW TO videos. For us who have not seen these things before it works. I am a girl and I appreciate it.

  15. Every time I buy something I always think twice on whether I need to buy it or not. This is because some things that I buy became useless because I bought it on impulse. The same is with buying exercise machines.

  16. I think the most effective exercise and the cheapest would be those exercise machines that are very simple to use. I have a jumping rope that I bought when I was still in high school and it’s still with me. I still use it from time to time.

  17. The exercise bike and the jump rope are two handy workout devices to have at home. It’d also be a smart idea to have a good space for your workout station when finding a place so you can designate that room for your exercise.

  18. My main question to myself when buying exercise equipment is, how many times will I use it? Because I don’t want to buy things that will just end up in the stock room and left for spiders to put their cobwebs on it. Thanks for the tips!

  19. Helpful tips, Robert. Thank you so much. I agree with you. when I buy new things, not just exercise equipment I really ask myself twice if I really need or want this so that my money will not go to waste

  20. I just took note and now I’m ready to proceed to the next step… shopping! Oh wait, these are Amazon links! Better check ’em out.. thanks for such a helpful article, Robert

  21. You have mentioned two of the most relevant questions that have been going on my mind lately. What is my fitness level and how much should I spend for my exercise program at home. Because of these tips, I might be able to finally decide on this long over due plan.

  22. I picked out three excellent equipment I would love to have for my home. They are a jump rope, home treadmill and free weights. I have lost the jump rope I used for exercises when I was younger. Thanks for the insightful article.

  23. Very, very impressive and very useful article. The supporting videos about training with particular equipment are simply great and most useful and surely works like booster. Thank you very much for giving information about very useful subject.

  24. Oh I might be able to use these tips! I really like to buy a exercise equipment but don’t know how and now my prayers have been finally answered! Thank you for the tips!

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