Vectra’s Innovative Design makes the VX-38 a Winner! In this day and age, it’s tough to balance family, work, and exercise, especially when you have to commute to a gym and back. It’s where home gyms come in handy.

The Vectra VX-38 is a top of the line home gym. Each station has its dedicated weight stack which is ideal for multiple users. Also with various users in mind, Vectra arranged the weight stacks around the unit, so there is no awkward face to face or shoulder to shoulder moments.

The Vectra VX-38 comes with a multi-position padded hold-down system so that the user’s legs stay comfortably in place. Along with an Automatic Ratcheting Cam on the butterfly station, the VX-38 is a leading innovator in technology to ensure comfort and maximum workout for the user.

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