heart healthy desserts

Easy to Make 10 Heart-Healthy Dessert Recipes. Sweets and treats aren’t off-limits if you’re aiming for a heart-healthy diet. You just have to choose carefully. High-fat content (think creamy whipped topping or buttery, dense cookies)—particularly saturated fat—can cause higher cholesterol levels in the body. Over time, elevated cholesterol can lead to heart attacks, strokes, sluggish circulation, and kidney problems.

Bake a better Heart-Healthy Dessert

These ten desserts are low in saturated fat. If you stick with healthier recipes—and less-frequent, reasonable portions—you can have your cake and eat it too!

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fitbit ionic smartchwatch/fitness tracker


Introducing the Amazing Fitbit Ionic. When Fitbit bought Pebble last year, the question wasn’t if the company was going to release a smartwatch, but when. It’s a smartwatch-fitness tracker hybrid with an open SDK, superb battery life, and NFC payments. Thus, making it more of a competitor to the Apple Watch.

You won’t find standalone cellular connectivity as you get in the new Apple Watch. If you are looking for a smartwatch that puts fitness first, the Ionic deserves a spot on your short list. Read More

working out as a couple


The 6 Myths About Exercise and Aging. Fitness is ageless. Whatever your age is, it makes a difference in how you feel and move, helps you keep those numbers down (like your weight, cholesterol, or blood pressure) that your doctor keeps bringing up, and can even brighten your mood.

You win when you’re active, no matter what your age. But it doesn’t always feel like that, especially if you’ve been on the sidelines for a while.

Don’t fall for one of these false ideas about exercise and aging! Get the facts so that you can get back out there.

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BodyCraft XPress Pro Strength Training System. The home gym that changed an industry. A whole new category of home gyms was created by this innovative system as it was the very first ever to incorporate Adjustable Cable Arms.

This revolutionary feature opened vast numbers of new exercises available to home gyms. Included are Dumbbell Training, Functional Training, Core Training, Sports Specific and Rehabilitation exercises. The XPress Pro is the standard; copied, but not duplicated!

BodyCraft is well known for its large home gyms. The company also manufactures smaller gyms like the BodyCraft Xpress Pro. It’s has a single 200-pound weight stack and makes an ideal workout companion for one person.

The design is what you would expect from BodyCraft, and that, complemented with its lifetime warranty, makes this device worth taking a look.

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22 Easy Weight Loss Tips. I’m going to start by telling you something that may surprise you. You can officially stop counting calories or obsess over calories at all! The media has fooled us into thinking we need lots and lots of carbohydrates if we follow the food pyramid. In response, America has loaded up on the processed carbs and packed on the pounds. Even so-called “health foods” are not what our bodies recognize as proper nutrition or fuel.

And forget fat-free (loaded with sugar and starchy refined carbs instead) and sugar-free! This stuff is poison and fat storing fuel. Forget fast and convenient diet foods!

They take years off your life by stroking the fires of inflammation which leads to obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes to name just a few things, not to mention screwing up your body’s metabolism and making it increasingly difficult to lose fat from your frame.

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