Weight Loss Advice/Strategy to help you shed those pounds. Are you ready to lose some weight? But you’re tired of listening to all that is, tried-and-true weight loss advice, like eating more vegetables, limiting portions, and exercising more.

Maybe what you need is a fresh idea or two. Here are nine diet tips you may not have heard yet. Some involve different ways to eat or adding certain foods to your diet. Others include learning new behaviors or strategies to help you stay on track.

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BodyCraft is known for top exercise equipment, and the BodyCraft X4 Strength Training System is no exception. Whether you’re looking to lose fat or gain muscle, the BodyCraft X4 can help, with four different workout stations, meaning you could have four people exercising at once.

This machine has four separate weight stacks of 200 lbs of resistance, so beginners and advanced workout enthusiasts will be covered.  You can even double up the strength for a maximum of 400 pounds on the leg press.

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Pilates Power Gym Pro Mini Reformer Review

If you are on the lookout for a good Pilates reformer, this particular model might be the right one for you. One of the significant benefits of the Pilates reformer is that it’s relatively small and compact. It’s built to be convenient and user-friendly, yet it also comes with a whole lot of resistance, plus the ability to tone your entire body from top to bottom.

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9 Healthy Snacks for Quick Weight Loss. Eating a snack between meals helps curb your hunger so that you don’t inhale your dinner when you finally sit down to eat. Snacking can also help you get in all the nutrients you need.

On the flipside, grazing all day—particularly on foods with little nutritional value—may result in eating too much and packing on extra pounds. These nine snacks are smart choices that can help you lose weight quickly.

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Schwinn 430 Elliptical


The Schwinn 430 Elliptical is an entry level elliptical machine with some great features to allow users to enjoy their exercises and track their performance from workout to workout.

The computer options, including the dual display, heart rate monitoring, pre-programmed workouts, and the ability to download to Schwinn Connect™ or MyFitnessPal give the user many motivational factors to maximize their workouts on this elliptical trainer.

Additionally, the six position incline and 20 settings of resistance are features that you don’t typically find on an entry-level machine.

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