Ancheer S8100 Folding Treadmill: What You need to know


Are you are looking for an excellent fitness workout? This treadmill requires your consideration. First of all, the Ancheer S8100 Folding Treadmill is an affordable treadmill that has advantages over other treadmills within its price range. It’s appealing to the eyes and has what it takes to burn off fat and get physically fit. Also, I checked out the Amazon consumer reviews and learned that all the reviews were extremely positive and recommendable.

Most people will find the Ancheer S8100 Folding Treadmill very comfortable to use due to its generous size. It’s also silent in operation which allows the user to watch his favorite TV show or listen to music while working out.

If you don’t like going to the gym and paying those membership fees, then this treadmill gives you the opportunity to own a great treadmill at an affordable price and workout in the privacy of your home.

g-fit app

Product: Ancheer S8100 Folding Treadmill

Price: click here to check for the lowest price on

Warranty: 3 years motor, two years frame

My Rating: 9.8 out of 10


Bluetooth App Control which supports Smartphone and wireless treadmill connectivity.

Here are some of the functions of this App:

  • Scan the two-dimension (QR) code on the control panel, and download the software named ‘G-FIT.’
  • Open Bluetooth on your cell phone and connect to the machine.
  • Open ‘G-Fit’’, and you can control the treadmill through your mobile phone, and you can also make a fitness plan for your treadmill.
  • One other incredible capability is that G-Fit automatically generates a training plan for the treadmill which is based on your heart rate, height, and weight record, isn’t that amazing? You can also custom set your training plan as well.

    shock absorbing

Other Features of this Fitness Treadmill are:

  • It will record your running history, get your health report and help you reach or attain those fitness goals.
  • It can save space because of its space saving design; one can easily lift it up for storage.
  • Because it has a two-position manual incline which is designed to help you burn more calories than you would usually burn.
  • The absorbers strategically placed on each side of the treadmill deck to absorb shock and prevent joint stress from using this treadmill.
  • It’s designed to have little noise. You don’t have to worry about watching your favorite TV show or disturbing the family and neighbors while using the treadmill.
  • Significant level 6 damping system, anti-slip, anti-static lawn texture belt that ensures safety to the joints.

The Importance of Damping System

  • Due to incorrect running posture and often running on the treadmill and concrete or highway without a shock mitigation system, it’s easy to cause a hip injury, knee joint injury, toe injury, or lumbar muscular injury.

Shock Absorbing

  • Due to its silicone damping with good vibration absorption effect, it will significantly disperse the shock from the running board and efficiently protect your ankle and knee joint.

And Ancheer products have passed CE, ROHS, CB, EN957, IEC certifications by SGS.

Furthermore, the LCD backlit monitor displays your time, speed, distance, heart rate and calories burned. Other features are the MP3, Bluetooth, and speaker to entertain you while working out.

achieve optimal fitness levels using a treadmill
LCD keeps track of some functions

Manual Incline: Two-Position Incline for a Better Fitness Workout

  • With a maximum speed of 14km/h, 2 electronic incline levels (3% and 5%) and twelve pre-set programs, there are many options for a varied and complete workout. Also, more incline, equals more calories burned.

Another benefit is the Easy-self Lubrication

  • Therefore you won’t need to watch the amount of oil at any time and don’t have to add lubricant manually since the intelligent system will judge the oil status, and transport the right amount of grease to the running belt. It always ensures lubrication between running belt and the operating plate and will protect the motor and the belt running from being damaged.

Best of all it’s very affordable!


It does not have water bottle holder

The incline is a manual system.

Product Dimensions are:

easy to lift up and store treadmill
Fold soft drop system

69’’ Length
59’’ Width
23’’ Height

Foldable Dimensions are:

33’’ Length
39’’ Width
53’’ Height

Warranty: 3 years on motor, two years on frame

Shipping and Assembly

As a result, the shipping cost depends on where you buy the treadmill. If you decide to buy from Amazon (recommended), the shipping will be free.

The Ancheer S8100 Folding Treadmill is very easy to assemble. It comes in folding size, so all it will require you to do is to install a few screws, and you’ll have a working cardio treadmill that is ready to be used. Therefore it is time-saving regarding assembly.

ancheer s8100 folding treadmill
Generously sized running deck and an enhanced cushioning system

Final Thought on Ancheer S8100 Folding Treadmill

Ancheer wanted to create something that would be fitness goal-oriented and fun to use (we think Ancheer succeeded). Most of all, this unit fits the description of workout and comfort. Amazon consumer reviews average a 4.9 out of 5 rating, and we couldn’t agree more. Finally, if you’d like to read the Amazon consumer reviews, just click here.

I hope you found this article helpful.  If you have anything that you’d like to share or any opinions on any of the content on my site, please do speak up. I look forward to your comments, questions and the sharing of ideas.

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2 thoughts on “Ancheer S8100 Folding Treadmill: What You need to know

  1. There is a lot to like about this treadmill, and its certainly keeping with the times by having a Bluetooth app allowing you to operate it from your phone. I also like the fact that its silent when being used, as lots of people choose to watch their favorite shows whilst working out, so it makes sense that you want to be able to hear what your watching. I currently use a treadmill at the gym and I have to admit that I am still not sure how to set up and use all the different programs you could choose. With this in mind, how simple is the Ancheer S8100 to operate?

    1. Hi Daniel, It doesn’t get much simpler. You pretty much get on it and just go. Well maybe not that simple but you get the idea. It comes with pre-loaded workout programs and you can customize them as well. After you’ve used the machine for a while it will develop a program based on your usage stat’s. I don’t guess it’s hard to tell but I really like this treadmill. Thanks for your comments and keep coming back!


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