Nautilus T616 Treadmill

Revolutionary Nautilus T616 Treadmill


The Nautilus T616 Treadmill is an excellent, high-end piece of exercise equipment that does just about all you need a treadmill to do. There aren’t many treadmills that provide the number of workouts that this machine does. On top of that, the Nautilus T616 Treadmill offers the user with multiple connectivity options to transfer workout data and track your performance. It is something else that few competitors provide. Just take a look at the long list of features in our full T616 treadmill review below, and you’ll get a feel of what we’re talking about.

About Nautilus:

When you think of innovative, top of the line exercise equipment, fewer names come to mind than Nautilus®. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, for over 40 years they have been revolutionizing the fitness industry with brands like Bowflex®, Schwinn®, Universal®, and Nautilus®.

Through the Nautilus® brand they produce full lines of upright bikes, recumbent bikes, elliptical and treadmills. They sell their products through both retail and direct channels around the world.

Nautilus T616 Treadmill
Nautilus T616 Treadmill

Product: Nautilus T616 Treadmill

Price: check for the lowest price on

Warranty: Frame and motor 10-years, parts 2-years, labor 1-year

My Rating: 9.5/10

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Features Summary:

  • Blue backlit Dual Track LCD – two LCD windows display the status up to 13 workout details
  • Bluetooth LE connectivity and Charging USB port
  • 0 to 12 MPH
  • 0 to 15% incline
  • 3.0 CHP motor
  • 20-Inch x 60-Inch belt
  • 26 programs
  • Four user profiles
  • Acoustic chambered speakers for big sound
  • 2.5-Inch crowned rollers
  • Soft Drop folding system

Display console design

The Nautilus T616 Treadmill console has everything you need to set goals, track your workout, and compare against your past performance.

At first glance, the layout looks similar to many other treadmills in this price range, with pre-set controls for the speed and incline, start/stop buttons, and a screen to provide you with feedback.

But Nautilus has managed to combine all the best workout tracking features into a relatively small space, which is still intuitive to use.

Towards the top of the console, you have the Pacer Icon and User Indicator Lights. This adds an element of competition to your workouts, as you compete against a virtual opponent to complete the exercise ahead of the pacer.

Directly below this, you have the first set of LCD screens, one to show your fitness score, and the other to display your progress towards a fitness goal. It is all based on the currently selected user profile, which is useful when more than one person will be using the treadmill.

nautilus T616 treadmill
DualTrack display

DualTrack Display

As part of their DualTrack display, you also have a more extensive high-resolution blue backlit LCD screen below these two, which is used to keep you updated with 13 workout feedbacks. These range from the number of calories burned, user profile and distance, through to heart rate and current incline/speed settings.

To help keep you fresh during your workout you also have a 3-speed adjustable fan built-in just above the safety key slot, and a USB media port for data sync to NautilusConnect or MyFitnessPal.

The Nautilus T616 Treadmill also features an MP3 input port and acoustic chambered speakers for if you like listening to music while you workout.

But the console doesn’t offer a color touch screen, the virtual image of your route, or come web-enabled. These are features we’ve seen exclusively on the NordicTrack line of treadmills, and can indeed be exciting features to use. Nautilus has instead chosen to include only the features that improve the efficiency and quality of your workout.

Heart rate monitoring

Heart rate monitoring is available in two forms; touch sensors built into the console, and telemetry via a chest strap (included).

Workout programs and user profiles

An essential part of improving your long-term health is consistency, where you create a realistic and maintainable fitness and nutrition routine.

But unless you’re motivated to step back on the treadmill, it’s going to be difficult to maintain any routine. This is one of the reasons why Nautilus had increased the number of workout programs from 22 to 26 when they upgraded to the T616.

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Six workout program categories:

  • If you want just to start your walk, jog, or running workout without a specific intensity level in mind, this program offers you the most freedom.
  • Unlike the other programs, the speed and incline won’t change unless you press one of the quick-select buttons.
Quick Goal
  • A series of simple goal-oriented fitness programs, these allow you to choose from a target distance, duration, or the number of calories burned.
  • You’re then free to select the incline and speed setting, and the workout continues until you achieve your goal.
Heart Health
  • The Nautilus T616 includes four different heart rate control programs. Each of which is designed to keep you at a percentage of your maximum heart rate.
  • These are; Healthy (55%), Fat Burn (65%), Aerobic (75%), and Anaerobic (85%). Each is designed to provide a specific health and fitness benefit, whether it’s to assist with weight loss or improve your endurance.
Weight Control
  • A selection of 5 programs, ‘Weight Control’ workouts are designed around two types of cardio; steady-state, and hill climb.
  • The first three programs maintain a reasonably consistent speed and incline range, while the final two programs reach a peak intensity level halfway through.
  • Interval training is a hugely popular way to burn high numbers of calories in a relatively short space of time, and the T616 has three variations to choose.
  • The first is based entirely on varying the incline, the second based on changing the speed, and the third varies a combination of the two.
  • The most varied of the categories, ‘Train’ features a collection of 4 programs, ranging from workouts that improve your endurance, through to more varied ‘rolling hills’ style programs in the shape of the ‘Boot Camp’ option.
  • If you’re looking for a break from the programs listed above, or want to follow a new workout routine, the ‘Custom’ programs are a convenient way to set up a new repeatable workout.
  • It is an advantage over the Manual program, as you can program the speed and incline for each of the 16 segments ahead of time, then follow the workout again in the future.

Workout data sync

Personal fitness trackers are becoming an essential part of daily life for millions of people around the world.

The main benefit of these devices is the way in which they track your movement during the day, then sync the data to your online profile or app for analysis.

Nautilus has made it possible with the T616 treadmill, thanks to NautilusConnect, and the Nautilus Trainer fitness app.

Using the USB port in the console, you can connect a flash drive and download workout data for your profile, then connect it to a computer and upload to your online profile.

But you can track your data with NautilusConnect and MyFitnessPal using the console on the T614 treadmill. What makes the T616 different?

The Nautilus T616 is currently the only one of their treadmills to feature Bluetooth connectivity. Which is why you can pair the console with the Nautilus Trainer app. It allows wireless data transfer and automatic upload to your online profile, without the need for a USB.

nautilus T616 treadmill
running board

Four user profiles

Acts as a useful way to store personal fitness goals and workout preferences.

After entering some necessary personal information, such as height, age, and weight, the console can also make more accurate calculations for your maximum heart rate, and the number of calories burned.

What’s covered by the warranty?

  • Frame and motor: 10 years
  • Parts: 2 years
  • Labor: 1 year

Shipping and Assembly:

Nautilus® does not sell and ship directly. Instead, they sell and ship from local and online retailers like Amazon. Shipping should be free with Amazon Prime.

Pros and Cons of the Nautilus T616 Treadmill:


  • The ledge for the tablet makes workout time pass quickly
  • High flexibility of workout through the 26 programs
  • High power and steep incline provide an excellent, challenging workout
  • Smooth and quiet operation


  • The box is hefty (over 300lbs) care and probably a second pair of hands are needed for assembly.

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Final Thoughts on the Nautilus T616 Treadmill

nautilus T616 treadmill
heart rate monitors

A few years ago we would never really have recommended a Nautilus treadmill. However, this new T616 sets a new standard in the $999 market! With its class-leading power and incline, it is a smooth and powerful machine, and we like the tablet dock!

Nautilus has thought hard about the warranty, providing up to 10 years on the motor and frame. If Nautilus think this machine can keep going that long, then it’s reasonable to expect it to be well made and durable.

If you are looking for a treadmill that can grow with your abilities and provide exciting workouts for years to come then the Nautilus T616 Treadmill is high on of our list of favorites.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have anything that you’d like to share or any opinions on any of the content on my site, please do speak up. I look forward to your comments, questions and the sharing of ideas.

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