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Easiest ways to Lose Weight After Age 60


The Easiest Ways to Lose Weight After Age 60 is to follow this 8-step plan. So you want to drop a few pounds. Shrink your belly, and look and feel better.

Why? The answer may seem obvious, but until you verbalize it—to boost your confidence, lower your blood pressure, look better in a swimsuit—you’re doomed to failure.

Successful weight loss, particularly for older adults, comes down to three things—a goal, deadline, and strategy, says Michael Dansinger, M.D., a weight loss expert at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. Follow his eight-step plan.

Step #1: Prepare Yourself Mentally

Before you even set a weight loss goal, getting in the right mindset is a must. “This is half the battle,” Dr. Dansinger says. “Acknowledge that you will come up with challenges and your instinct will be to quit.”

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Write down your motivation

Therefore, the secret to getting past these challenges is to anticipate them and decide in advance what will keep you going.

Step #2: Write Down Your Motivation

Knowing and remembering why you want to lose weight will help you stay on track. Do you want to improve your self-esteem, have more energy for everyday activities, lower your cholesterol?

Whatever your reason, write it down, Dr. Dansinger says, and hang the paper somewhere where you’ll regularly see it. On days when you’re feeling less motivated, it’ll remind you why you’re putting in the effort.

Step #3: Give Yourself a Deadline

Make a specific timeline for an end date and check-in dates. This is especially useful if you’re working toward a health goal, like lowering your blood pressure, so that you can track your numbers. Try checking in once or twice per month, which will give you enough time for a measurable change.

It might help to take a photo of yourself on your check-in dates so you can see your progress. When you transform your body, it’s a huge confidence boost—you feel like you can do anything!

Step #4: Tell Your Friends that you Want to Lose Weight

You’re more likely to stay on track if you tell someone about your goals and progress, Dr. Dansinger says. A family member, friend, doctor, personal trainer, or dietitian can provide support.

You can also find support in a weight loss group in your community or online. Or sign up for an event with friends, such as a 5K. It gives you a deadline, and you’ll hold one another accountable.

Step #5: Schedule Your Exercise Sessions

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exercise partner

It’s not enough to promise yourself you’ll exercise every day. You should schedule every session—the day, time, type, and length. Put them on your calendar, Dr. Dansinger says, so you’re less likely to skip. Another important motivator: Plan to exercise with a friend or sign up for a regular group fitness class.

Step #6: Choose a Realistic Eating Plan to Lose Weight

Exercise alone won’t flatten your belly. You need to improve your diet. “Eating plans are like the colors of a rainbow,” Dr. Dansinger says. “There’s no one color for everyone, and there’s no one eating plan for everyone.”

Make sure you choose a plan that fits into your lifestyle. If you love steak, a vegetarian diet is probably not something you can stick with. Instead, focus on eating less meat and more vegetables.

You’ll likely want to reduce the number of calories you consume each day—a good starting point is 10 percent. If you’re not sure this is wise for you, or if you have a significant amount of weight to lose, check with your doctor or a dietitian.

In general, exercising more and eating less is a surefire way to drop pounds. Furthermore, you should start seeing results relatively quickly.

Step #7: Allow Yourself to Cheat

Not only is it okay to cheat a little, but it’s also actually essential to give yourself wiggle room in your diet. Commit to your eating plan 90 percent of the time, but allow yourself to splurge 10 percent of the time, Dr. Dansinger says.

If you let yourself eat a cookie now and then, you’ll be less likely to break down and eat a sleeve of Thin Mints in one sitting. Track your meals, snacks, and splurges in a food journal to help yourself stay balanced over time.

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aerobic exercising

Step #8: Make Fitness Fun

Add some entertainment to your exercise so that your workout feels less like work. Create a workout playlist of your favorite songs or listen to a podcast. Group fitness classes, like those offered by SilverSneakers, are a great way to turn exercise into a social activity, which may also help you stick with it and lose weight.

I hope you found this article helpful and as always I look forward to your comments, questions and the sharing of ideas.


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38 thoughts on “Easiest ways to Lose Weight After Age 60

  1. I think the biggest challenge to get fit after the age of 60 is to possess determination. Many will get lazy or just weak to start getting fit.

    1. Hello Lovely, thanks for your comments. As I pointed out in my article it’s really not that hard to get healthy and fit. Yes, a person has to want it for themselves but it’s hard for me to imagine that anybody would want to live unhealthily and obese. With life expectantly increasing people need to take care of their health and fitness. It may require some interventions by family and friends to motivate a person to start living healthily but they will benefit in the long term. Thanks again, Robert

  2. Extremely helpful tips you shared to us. Getting fit at old age is harder compare to young adults because most of body mechanisms like metabolism is slower and weaker. But, of course, it’s not impossible.

    1. Hi Faith, I agree. It’s not impossible although it may be harder as we age it’s possible. I believe that if a person starts living healthily at a younger age it will carry over into our golden years. Thanks for your comments, Robert

  3. Thank you for these really helpful tips, Robert! I’ll share ’em to my grandparents and hopefully, they’ll heed them.

  4. Besides these, I think it helps if you make a few, go-to low-impact exercises. At that age, intense regimen could do more harm than good

  5. Well I am nowhere near that time yet but, I do not mind reading this. I may forget it sure but got to admit this is an informative guide.

  6. This is really helpful! I’ll be sure to send this to my father when I get the chance, I think he could use the exercise haha.

  7. I am not 60 years of age just yet, but this is something to think about. Do you think it will be easier for me later on if I try to be active now?

  8. Both I and my wife are in our 60’s and I think we can do this little by little. We are both active people but I think the main problem is that we do not regulate our diet. We eat like we used to but quiet slower than before. I guess we have to follow the tips you listed. Thanks for these.

  9. This is a very interesting list that I definitely want to share with my mom. She’s in in 60’s and overweight but she has a hard time losing the excess pounds, I hope I can motivate her with this and together we could lose weight, even if I’ve got decades more to be in my 60’s.

    1. Hello Hannah Eve, Thanks for your comments. I believe that your mom would benefit greatly from using these tips to lead a healthier life. I hope you can motivate her. Thanks again, Robert

  10. I think the best way to lose weight at 60 is to choose a good eating plan and do a bit of simple exercises. I do keep in mind that anyone who needs to lose weight is prepared mentally.

  11. Wow, very nice article. However, I think it’s a bit hard to lose weight past 60. It will take a lot of mental preparation to do this.

    1. Hello David, thanks for your comments. A determination is key at any age but it’s much more critical as a person gets older. Lifespan is increasing and we need to make sure to sure healthy so that we’ll enjoy life as we grow older. Thanks again, Robert

  12. I think most old folks should look into this. Exercising can be made an objective and attained if one maintains the right mind to begin within. Great insights though.

  13. Thanks for the helpful article! My grandmother still exercises and maintains a healthy body despite being 73 years old! I applaud them for being such dedicated people.

  14. Good to read these helpful tips. I see some older people in our place enjoying their morning exercise in the park. Nice to see these people having fun doing it.

  15. It’s harder to lose weight as we get older. But I believe it still can be done even when you have reached this age. These are helpful tips to keep in mind.

  16. It’s true. The older you get, the harder it is to keep in shape and shed those extra pounds. So thankful for this article because it gives me hope that we don’t have to succumb to the whims of aging.

    1. Thanks Martha for your kind words. It doesn’t have to be all downhill as we grow older. Remaining active and eating a healthy diet will keep you healthy for your golden years. Thanks, Robert

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