make juicing affordable

Tips on How to Make Juicing Affordable

Tips on How to Make Juicing Affordable. Juicing can be a lifestyle even when on a tight budget. There is a common misconception that juicing is expensive and it requires more money to eat healthily. It can be expensive if you are wasting your produce. The truth is if you pay attention to the food you buy and how much is needed for your drinks and smoothies, juicing doesn’t have to bust the budget. Continue reading for our tips on how to make juicing affordable.

Tips and suggestions to start saving money while benefiting from the positive rewards of juicing.



make juicing affordable
Omega J8006 Nutrition Center

1. Purchase a quality masticating/slow juicer

The best tip I can give to juicing on a budget is to buy a quality juicer. Compare models and examine the pros and cons of each juicer type.

Your largest upfront expense will be a slow juicer, but it will be worth the cost in the long term. A quality juicer will give you the most out of your produce, so there are less waste and huge cost-savings in the long run.

By investing in a quality slow juicer, your juicing will be more efficient. You get better yield and can extract more juice out of every fruit and vegetable. When spending a lot of money on a juicer, make sure that you get one with a long warranty. I like the Omega juicers, and the best news is that they come with a 10 to 15-year warranty.

Masticating/slow juicers are straightforward to use, produce great-tasting juices, and are capable of extracting vegetable juices that centrifugal juicers are not able to—such as cilantro and parsley, or small fruits such as berries.

One benefit to a masticating/slow juicer is that it creates less foam when juicing. Less foam means that your juice will have approximately a 72-hour shelf life.

While you may spend a couple of hundred dollars on a slow juicer, you will also save hundreds of dollars each year by reducing produce waste, because of the high juice yield.

2. Use Lasting Ingredients

For example, romaine, carrots, lemons, ginger, green apples, celery, and zucchini last a very long time. Especially,  in the fridge (2-3 weeks usually). These are all some of the tastier ones, and they are some of the best juicing ingredients you can use. It’s nice to buy these in advance and not have to worry about going to the store.  Plus, they do make delicious juices! And they will make juicing affordable.

3. Use Mainly Veggies, Not Fruits

Fruits are excellent for you. They’re also expensive when you juice them. It’s better for your body to eat fruit rather than drink fruit juice, because of all the sugars found in fruit. Vegetables abundantly provide nourishment to the body which is the point of juicing in the first place. And have no sugar with these exceptions which are lemons, red peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, and green apples.

make juicing affordable
Green apples

Green apples are a little higher in sugar than these others but are one of the best low-glycemic fruits. They have the nutrient known as malic acid which has been shown to stop tumor growth. They add a sweeter taste to juice so try to use only 1/2 an apple per juice. It not only lowers your sugar intake but also saves on the budget.

Carrots are also an excellent fresh ingredient to use for juice. They help to reduce inflammation, improve immunity, and improve your skin.

4. Buy What’s on Sale

Just like you would do with your natural fruits and vegetables, buy your vegetables and juice ingredients when they go on sale. Learn when your produce department puts items on sale so you can buy the freshest ingredients and also make sure to get the best sale items each week.

On the flip side, you can also buy veggies that are typically just fine, but that grocery store produces managers need to get rid of for new inventory through the week. They usually give significant markdowns on perfectly great juicing ingredients! And this definitely will make juicing affordable.

5. Plan your juicing recipes ahead of time

It is a good idea to plan. Create a list of recipes that you want to make throughout the week. Then purchase all the products that you will require—just for that week.

Purchasing produce this way, you will not have to deal with as much waste. You can freeze produce (which I do all the time, and it’s not necessary to defrost before juicing) to keep it fresh longer; it is easier to just buy what you need for the week.

6. Choose high water content produce

make juicing affordable

When selecting produce, find items that have a high moisture content.  Larger drinks with less product are a result of higher moisture content. Higher moisture is found in watermelon, cantaloupes, cucumbers, apples, oranges, peaches, and various other leafy greens that all have a high water content.

High moisture content produces more drinks without using as much produce. In tropical countries where fresh coconuts are available, drink coconut water when you don’t drink juice.

8. Make a Little

A misconception of juicing is that you have to make a large amount at one time. You don’t have to drink an 8-ounce glass of juice every day. It’s easier if you’re going to juice to make better use of your time, but it also costs more too. And it won’t necessarily give you more benefits.

Just have 4 ounces per day; you’ll still feel great, guaranteed! As a result, it doubles the number of ingredients in your supply and makes it much more simple and doable.

9. Grow Your Produce

Another way to save money on your food is to grow your fruits and vegetables. You do not need much space to grow authentic food. Choose plants that are easy to grow and care for, including spinach, broccoli, cucumbers, green beans, and tomatoes.

Kale is an easy vegetable to grow. It has a longer growing season than most other vegetables and a high yield. I do recommend using a masticating/slow juicer when trying kale. Kale is commonly expensive in certain areas. By growing your own, you can cut down on your juicing costs and make juicing affordable.

10. Find a CSA Program

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs are designed to help residents with affordable produce from local farmers. You typically will pay an upfront fee at the start of the season.

Then, each week you will visit a designated drop off location and select your product, or you can have it delivered to your home. The upfront cost is usually high, but you will save hundreds of dollars over the course of the year. Another perfect idea to make juicing affordable.

make juicing affordable
Farmers and Artisans Market

11. Try Shopping at a Farmer’s Market

Instead of joining a CSA program, you could consider buying your produce from a local farmer’s market. Despite what many people think, you can save a lot of money on food (and make juicing affordable), when you shop at a farmers market. Because the product is going directly from the farm to you and not through a middleman, it can save you a lot of money on produce. To find a farmers market near you just Google (farmer’s market and your area).

In Conclusion, Tips on How to Make Juicing Affordable

Hopefully, you will be able to use these suggestions to save money and make juicing affordable. It would be a shame for you to pass it by because you are worried about the cost.  Juicing offers so many different health benefits for you, please don’t miss this opportunity.

Start by investing in a slow juicer. Build a base group of affordable products that the majority of your juicing can be based around. Consider joining a CSA program or shopping at your local farmer’s market.

Juicing leads to a healthier lifestyle. And can help you from spending a fortune on medical bills. Be smart and start saving money while juicing on a budget.

I hope you found this article. If you have anything that you’d like to share or any opinions on any of the content on my site, please do speak up. I look forward to your comments, questions, and the sharing of ideas.

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8 thoughts on “Tips on How to Make Juicing Affordable

  1. Hello and thanks for sharing. I myself have written and article on the benefits of juicing but what I love about your post is that you are showing your readers that juicing do not have to be expensive and that they can still live healthy on a budget.
    It is good to see how you have broken everything down so your viewers can see how easy this whole process is.

    1. Thank-you Norman for your nice comments. We are just trying to help are readers in every way that we can. We have lots of helpful articles so please come back to our site for more great information.

  2. Hi Robert,

    I have given some thought about buying a juicer to make smoothies on either vegetable or fruit but haven’t bought one yet. Your article gives some great tips or ideas on the best moisture fruits to use.

    I like the tips you give on how to save money when buying these products because I know how costly it can get.

    Thank you for sharing this informative article.

    1. Hello, Rosa, and thank-you for your comments. I will tell you, if you want to make smoothies, I would recommend in purchasing a good blender for that purpose. We have reviews on the 5 different blenders for making smoothies and I suggest that you check them out first before making a purchase.

  3. This article was a great help.

    I have been standing on the sidelines as a potential juicer. Your article has closed the deal.

    Your recommendation of a juicer were a great help. I like the slow juicer concept.

    The process you described in wonderful idea. It will provide both more nutrition and save money. This according to my lifestyle.

    Outstanding! How long have you been juicing yourself?

    1. I’m glad to have helped you get off the fence and decide to start juicing. I’ve been juicing about 1 and a half years now. I use the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center. It’s made an incredible difference in my energy levels and I feel so much more healthy and alive! Good luck and let us know how you are doing with your juicing.

  4. I hope you do not mind me sharing this. A friend and I were talking earlier on this topic and it has actually answered all of our questions about juicing. I have extremely picky eaters and it is a great way of hiding those veggies. I will be looking into the slow process juicer, I have never even heard about them before! Looking forward to more posts!

    1. Hi Lauren, I would never mind a comment from anyone. You’ve touched on a very good point. By juicing you will definitely disguise the taste of the veggies and it will be much healthier for those picky eaters (me included). Let me know how it goes for you and if I can be of any help just let me know. If you’re interested in taking a look at my archives you’ll find an article Healthy Eating Habit for Teens that might be helpful.

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