health benefits of curcumin

4 Overlooked Health Benefits of Curcumin


4 Overlooked Health Benefits of Curcumin (it’s more than just a spice).

Health Benefits of Curcumin

Turmeric has been used as a spice, dye, and remedy to promote health and wellness. One of the most popular spices in Indian cuisine and a primary ingredient in curry powders. While turmeric has a long history of health benefits, it’s also used to add color and as a preservative and is perhaps best known for its spicy flavor.

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health benefits of curcumin
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The majority of the health benefits of turmeric comes from curcumin. This antioxidant is what gives turmeric its yellow pigment. Curcumin is the most abundant of turmeric’s curcuminoid compound, which makes up about 3 – 5% of turmeric.

While turmeric contains some curcumin, it is in relatively minimal amounts. So, you’d likely need to consume substantial quantities of turmeric to get a meaningful amount of curcumin (several grams at least).

Not All Curcumin Is Equal

The health benefits of curcumin are limited by very poor bioavailability, unfortunately. And naturally, if you don’t absorb it, you can’t reap the expected health benefits. Therefore, several strategies have been used to improve its absorption. And while some have shown promise, a new water-soluble formulation (CurcuWIN®) demonstrated 46 times greater absorption than standard curcumin powder.

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Many turmeric/curcumin extracts may contain residues of the highly toxic solvent “EDC,” a known carcinogen (above the established safety limit). So, be careful to pick an absorbable form of curcumin that’s free from this solvent!

Overlooked Health Benefits of Curcumin

Curcumin is one of the most well-researched herbs there is. What does all this research say about curcumin? It turns out curcumin has antioxidant and antimicrobial effects (to help ward off bacteria, fungi, and viruses).

Its ability to promote a healthy inflammatory response may be its best-known benefit. Curcumin supports the body’s inflammatory response, by helping to ensure levels of several vital inflammatory markers are in a normal, healthy range.

Contributes to the following health benefits:

Brain Health:

  • Studies have shown curcumin may help promote brain health and function, supporting cognitive function, mood, and mental health.

    health benefits of curcumin
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Heart Health:

  • The heart health benefits of curcumin have been to increase the antioxidant capacity. It also promotes healthy levels of inflammatory response and helps maintain healthy blood flow.

Joint Health:

  • It’s best known for helping ease joint discomfort and stiffness.  In an 8-month trial, curcumin supplementation led to a 93% (wow!) reduction in joint discomfort. Furthermore, the placebo group experienced just a 12% decrease in pain discomfort. Therefore, less joint pain and stiffness means more freedom to do the things you love and overall improved quality of life!


  • Curcumin induces an antioxidant response both directly and indirectly by scavenging free radicals. Furthermore, it’s has a valuable protective effect on the mitochondria, which are responsible for energy production.

In conclusion about Curcumin

Both the scientific research and real-world results suggest there are numerous health benefits of curcumin.  So, as potentially valid as it may be, curcumin is not the end all, be all.

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4 thoughts on “4 Overlooked Health Benefits of Curcumin

  1. Very impressing article on the health benefits of curcumin, your article should get the attention of many people and encourage them to start taking advantage of the benefits.

    Is there any form of this curcumin better for our health than others, is supplement form the best for most of us to use daily?

    1. Hi Jeffrey, thanks for your comments and questions. Turmeric contains approximately 4 to 6 percent of curcumin curcuminoids. These curcuminoids are what gives Turmeric it’s health advantages. Look for a supplement that is standardized 95% curcumin (curcuminoids). This is the processing that it goes through when being made. I take a daily supplement and I also have it in powder form for adding to smoothies and using as a spice.

  2. I was aware that Tumeric was good for me and I was actually trying to cook with it more because I didn’t know it came in a capsule. While I love highly seasoned food, this would be a much better solution that trying to put the seasoning on all my meats. Thanks for providing this information.

    1. Hi Robin, I glad to hear that you’ve been trying to add Turmeric to your diet. Yes, it’s avail as a capsule and the brand I pictured is a #1 selling brand on amazon. Thanks for your comments.

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