bowflex results bxe116 elliptical

Bowflex Results BXE116 Elliptical


The Bowflex Results BXE116 Elliptical is a powerful new elliptical machine with a long stride. Introducing an especially results-oriented series of cross trainers, the BXE116 supports very smooth exercise with cushioned pedals and a 30-pound resistance system, and it has Bluetooth for fitness data management.

The black and red BX E116 is a front drive home elliptical from Bowflex Results (BFX Results), a fitness brand just launched for summer 2017. True to its name, BFX Results is highly results-oriented regarding motion it supports and data it supplies. Here you’ll get above-average exercise quality and excellent feedback. So while the E116 is the cheapest elliptical in a new line, it’s still darn impressive. In our view, the new BX E116 is an ideal mid-priced cross trainer for many households.

It offers several features that can help you get a more effective, more comfortable workout. The generous 22-inch stride lets you work your legs more thoroughly and get more out of your workout. The 15 levels of incline and 25 levels of resistance also give you lots of ways to cross-train and work for different muscle groups.

bowflex results bxe116 elliptical
Bowflex Results BXE116 Elliptical

So is the Bowflex Results BXE116 elliptical right for you? Here’s what you need to know:

Product: Bowflex Results BXE116 Elliptical

Price: check here for the lowest on

Warranty: Frame: 15 Years, Mechanical Parts: 5 Years, Electronics: 5 Years, Labor: 2 Years

My Rating: 9/10

Bowflex Results BXE116 Elliptical Features

The Bowflex Results BXE116 elliptical console is Bluetooth enabled. You can export your heart rate, calorie burn and other data to the Bowflex Results app and other popular third-party mobile apps for fitness and health.

The new Bowflex ellipticals have a front-drive frame design. It makes the machines more compact than rear-drive alternatives, which tend to cost more. The drive or resistance system weighs 30 pounds, which is far superior to what most other fitness brands supply for the price. With 20 resistance levels, the machine is ready for exercise at all intensities.

The stride path is 22” long, which is a bit longer than the norm. This helps make the BXE116 one of the best elliptical machines for people of average and taller heights. If the stride is a bit longer than your usual gait — but not uncomfortably long — then it improves your calorie burn without making the exercise feel more difficult. With the new Bowflex elliptical you’ll get adjustable pedal cushioning too, which is a rare perk in any elliptical price range.

bowflex results bxe116 elliptical
30 lb flywheel

Three handlebar grip positions are supported by this model. The feature gives you get more dynamic upper-body exercise. If you make elliptical comparisons, you’ll see that most ellipticals under $1500 support just one handlebar gripping position.

The elliptical ships with a chest strap for wireless heart rate monitoring.

A media shelf is provided with a USB charging port for a mobile device.

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The incline is not the same as resistance. Incline changes the angle of your elliptical running path. It helps to work different sets of muscle groups and enables you to cross-train more efficiently. While not all elliptical trainers come with incline, a lot of people prefer to have it on their trainers.

The stride length will shorten a bit as you engage the power incline. The maximum setting is 10 percent. Hiking on a flat plane targets your calves. As you shift the incline upward, the focus of exercise will change upward to your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. You can adjust the incline with convenient controls built into the handlebars. Furthermore, you can also use console buttons or let the machine be automated by an exercise program.

You get up to 15 levels of incline on the Bowflex Results BXE116 elliptical. You can quickly change the incline either from the console quick-touch buttons or the controls on the moving armbars.

Adjustable Footpedals

bowflex bxe116 elliptical
switch select pedals

This is another feature that can help you tailor the machine to your body for a more comfortable workout. Switch Select pedals give you three different levels of tilt-adjustability. This allows you to find the best fit for your body.

bowflex results bxe116 elliptical

East To Read, Color Console

The console is well laid out and easy to read.  Quick touch resistance and incline change buttons running up and down the sides allow for ease of use.

You also have a constant calorie burn rate meter (it doesn’t toggle back and forth like some elliptical consoles). Allowing you to get a continuous reading of your calories burned.

There’s also a tablet/media shelf where you can put your tablet or iPhone and watch while you workout.

There’s also an included USB charging port. So you can charge your devices as you run and never run low on battery power.

Double Roller Track Design

A critical difference between a cheap elliptical and a higher quality machine is seen in the track and roller design.

Also, cheaper machines only give you one roller on the track per pedal. This makes it much easier for the rollers to come off the rails and break under heavy pressure.

But the Bowflex BXE116 elliptical uses a double roller track design for better reinforcement and less chance of breakdown.

Workout Programs

bowflex results bxe116 elliptical
double track design

The Bowflex Results E116 elliptical has nine pre-programmed elliptical cross-training programs. Furthermore, these can take the guesswork out of setting up an efficient workout routine. Each program will automate the machine’s pedal resistance and incline, though you can choose to override the settings anytime.

Bowflex elliptical workouts can help you exercise for weight loss, endurance, strength and other fitness goals.

Up to four users can save their profiles to recall a workout program and get more customized data quickly. A profile can also optimize the accuracy of calorie burn data.

Workout programming is shown on a large LED that displays multiple data points at once. A highlight regarding “Bowflex Results” is the calorie burn feedback. Calorie burn is calculated per minute for extra motivation. A total calorie count is shown too.


  • Very smooth resistance system (30 pounds)
  • 25 resistance settings
  • 22” elliptical stride path
  • Pedal incline settings up to 10 percent
  • Multi-grip handlebars (3 positions)
  • Nine pre-programmed workouts
  • Four user profiles
  • Speed and resistance controls built into the handgrips
  • Wireless heart rate monitoring (Chest strap included)
  • Bluetooth enabled for wireless stats sharing
  • Media shelf with charging port
  • Water bottle holder
  • 375-pound user weight capacity

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bowflex results bxe116 elliptical
incline controls


  • Stride is fixed instead of adjustable; too long for shorter trainees
  • Bowflex customer service gets mixed reviews

Final Thoughts on the Bowflex Results BXE116 Elliptical:

The Bowflex Results BXE116 elliptical is a high-end elliptical trainer offering some features to make your workouts more effective and comfortable. Therefore, You’ll get the calorie burn rate meter to help motivate you to burn more calories and the free tracking app to chart your progress.

The generous stride ensures that you thoroughly work your leg muscles for maximum calorie-burn. Furthermore, the monster 30-pound flywheel gives you an extra smooth ride without the jerky stop-and-start motions of cheaper ellipticals. And you can even select the right toe-heel angle with the pedal controls as well.

If you’re looking for an affordable cross-trainer that’s still high-quality and well-designed, you’ll love the Bowflex Results BXE116 Elliptical.

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