afg sport 5.7at

AFG Sport 5.7AT Electric Folding Treadmill

The AFG Sport 5.7AT Electric Folding Treadmill is an elegant runner’s treadmill that makes running feel like flying. Its 5.7AT quiet motor powers an extended 60-inch deck with variable response cushioning, which adjusts to specific stride lengths and pressure.

Tablet integration allows runners to connect to the free AFG app and wirelessly control workouts. Cooling breeze fans keep you fresh while you exercise, and 3 LED screens allow access to 43 unique workout programs, each complete with multiple levels and intensities.

Furthermore, a fully integrated audio system with Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility and surround speakers lets you run seamlessly with your favorite music. Top speeds of 12 mph and inclines of 12% promise challenge for even the most practiced runners. When finished, the EZ-fold assist function gives you maximum storage space at minimum hassle.

afg sport 5.7at
AFG Sport 5.7AT

Product: AFG Sport 5.7AT Electric Folding Treadmill

Price: check for the lowest price on

Warranty: Frame lifetime / Motor lifetime / Parts 1 year / Labor 1 year

My Rating: 8.5/10


  • Console: 43 programs
  • Six challenging program options
  • Bluetooth 4.0 technology
  • Free AFG sport fitness app to wirelessly control your treadmill and your workout
  • Monitor your performance, manage your programs and track your fitness goals on your tablet
  • Treadmill settings: 0.5 – 12 mph; 0 – 12% incline
  • Amenities: Sound system, cooling fan, accessory trays, tablet tray
  • Contact grip pulse and wireless Polar HR Receiver (chest strap sold separately)
  • 2.75 CHP motor
  • Deck dimensions: 20″ W x 60″ L
  • Deck cushioning: Yes
  • Maximum user weight: 325 lbs

Frame and deck construction

afg sport 5.7at
frame and construction

The AFG Sport 5.7AT treadmill features quite a sturdy and heavy construction. When fully assembled, it weighs approximately 200 lbs,  it’s not exactly a machine to transport, unbox and assemble alone. But on the other hand, this weight plays quite an important role in its overall sturdiness. You can be sure that the machine won’t move or rock when you exercise.

Plus, the front base of the machine incorporates two adjustable stabilizers with rubber caps that allow you to level it on any surface perfectly. However, since it’s a heavy machine, it’s also recommended to place it on a mat.

The AFG Sport 5.7AT treadmill offers a running surface similar to the entry level commercial machines. In other words, the active surface provided by the moving belt is 60″L x 20″W, which can accommodate users up to 6’5″. The belt is a heavy-duty model, resistant to stretching. It’s powered by two large, crowned rollers, which integrate industrial quality ball bearings for smooth operation and lifetime use.

The deck itself and its side rails are reasonably sturdy. They can support users up to 325 lbs without any problem.

The deck has several pairs of standard elastomers which serve as shock absorbers. Furthermore, this feature enables it to absorb up to 20% of the running shock. The surface is gentler to run on than asphalt or concrete, resulting in less workout related pain and fatigue.

One last aspect to mention here regards the machine’s paint finish.  The steel parts feature a corrosion resistant powder coating finish. The color used is gray, this being the only color available for this AFG treadmill. Of course, it does integrate several non-metallic parts, these being the side rail covers, the motor cover, and the dashboard.


The treadmill has a relatively large footprint. It takes 76″L x 34″W of floor space, and on top of that, you should keep at least two feet of clearance on each side and at the front, and at least three feet of clearance at the rear, for safe entry, exit, and usage. The machine isn’t exactly the best choice for a small room or apartment. But on the other hand, its frame has a folding design. The deck can fold up using an EZ fold hydraulic lift which facilitates its folding and unfolding.

Incline & step-up height

afg sport 5.7at
incline and step-up

The AFG Sport 5.7AT is an electric treadmill which also features a motorized incline. The incline system consists of a small motor and a lever situated at the front of the deck. It can only be operated from the console buttons, once the machine has electrical power.

The incline range is between 0% and 12%. The incline increments are 0.5%. The console offers quick incline keys for the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10, and 12 settings, but it can also be adjusted gradually from the up/down arrow keys. Although it’s not an extreme incline, this feature can put a lot of diversity into your workouts.

The deck’s step-up height is approx. 9″ and with the incline set at maximum 12%, the front part of the deck will rise by a few inches. Therefore, to avoid any ceiling height issues, make sure that the ceiling height in the room where you’ll be using the machine is at least 21″-22″  higher than your height.


As the title suggests, this Advanced Fitness Group treadmill is a motorized one. It uses a mid-range motor with a power output of 2.75 CHP. This means it should perform without any issue even for prolonged workouts at maximum speed, even if the user is close to the maximum specified (325 lbs) weight capacity.

The treadmill comes with a power cord, not an adapter; its connection point to the machine is at the front base. It requires a 110V power circuit.

This treadmill motor has a small flywheel which adds stability to the drive, resulting in a smooth and even tread belt motion. It offers a speed range between 0.5 and 12 MPH. In other words, when you push the Start button on the console, the belt will start moving at 0.5 MPH. However, the console offers speed adjustment in increments of 0.1 MPH.

Just as for incline, the console offers quick speed adjustment possibilities for the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10, and 12 settings, but also has keys for gradual speed adjustment.

One last aspect to mention here regards the noise generated by the machine when in use. The motor itself is pretty quiet; however, just as for most treadmills, your cadence (especially when running) will generate some noise. So, if you live in an apartment building, for example, the neighbors will hear you running.

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afg sport 5.7at

The AFG Sport 5.7AT motorized treadmill has a multifunction console. However, this console only has a small LED display which shows the speed and incline settings, time, distance, calories, and heart rate. However, it’s a tablet-ready console, so you can connect your tablet to it via Bluetooth to benefit from a more advanced control panel.

The distance and speed values are in imperial units (miles and MPH). The unit can monitor your heart rate if you hold on to the pulse sensors in the front handlebar, but it’s also HR strap compatible (HR strap sold separately).

The console features 43 workout programs divided into several categories. But in order to benefit from a better interface for each one of the programs, it’s best to sync the console unit of the machine with your OS or Android tablet. You will have to download the free AFG Fitness app, which allows you to personal input data such as weight, name, gender, etc, to calculate your workout results better.

The list of programs includes Manual, Fat Burn, Hill Climb, 5km, Fit Test and Heart Rate. The app also allows you to keep track of your workout progress to continuously improve.

There’s one crucial aspect that we must mention here regarding the AFG Fitness app. The UI won’t fit on a smartphone display so you’ll have to use a tablet. Of course, there is room for improvement with regards to this downside, so in the future, it may change.


The console unit is equipped with several extras. It incorporates a sound system, tablet holder, cooling fan and two support trays. The audio system is compatible with most MP3 players, smartphones or tablets. The sound rendered by it isn’t extraordinary, but superior to the audio generated by the speakers of a phone or tablet.

The cooling fan is relatively small, situated at the bottom of the console. It’s not too overpowering but does provide some cooling if needed. The tablet support is located above the LED display of the console and can accommodate tablets of all sizes. And finally, the side trays of the dashboard give you the possibility to store small accessories such as keys, TV remote, ear plugs etc.

Assembly and Maintenance

The deck of the treadmill including the belt, rollers, and the motors, is already assembled, attached to the metallic bottom frame. Therefore, regarding assembly, you only have to connect the two upright console masts, the crossbar in-between them, the console and connect the wires.

It shouldn’t take longer than 30-45 min. Furthermore, all the tools required for the assembly are included, and the manual provides visible assembly instructions.

Maintenance requires the periodic lubrication of the deck. A bottle of silicone lubricant (for two uses) is included. Just as for any other treadmill, it’s recommended to keep the belt clean and from time to time vacuum under it, in order to avoid any textile fibers or any small objects to be dragged into the motor. And finally, it’s recommended to periodically check for loose bolts and parts, and re-tighten them if needed.


afg sport 5.7at
connected to AFG fitness App

Sturdy frame construction, with a weight capacity of 325 lbs;
Space-saving design – EZ folding mechanism;
Adjustable stabilizers at the front;
Transport wheels for easy relocation;
Cushioned deck integrating several pairs of elastomers for moderate shock absorption;
Motorized incline, 0% – 12% (0.5% increments)
2.75 CHP motor, offering speed levels up to 12 MPH;
Speed can be adjusted increments of 0.1 MPH, allowing you to find the perfect pace for your workout;
Quick keys for speed and incline;
EGK pulse sensors integrated into handlebars;
Four preset workout applications, some of them with several levels and settings;
Tablet ready, Bluetooth compatible console;
Free AFG Fitness app gives you the possibility to track your progress online and benefit from a much better user interface;
Various amenities such as sound system, cooling fan, tablet holder and accessory trays;
Fairly quiet motor;
Easy to assemble;
Little maintenance required;
Excellent warranty.


The fitness app requires tablets for use;
The cooling fan isn’t too overpowering;
The console LED display is pretty basic.

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Final Thoughts on the AFG Sport 5.7AT:

The AFG Sport 5.7AT is a mid-range treadmill designed for home use, featuring a 2.75 CHP motor and motorized incline. It has quite a sturdy construction, and a folding design. Its console, although not a high-end one, it provides four main workout applications with up to 43 workout settings. It’s a treadmill that supports running workouts, not just jogging or walking. Therefore, it’s an excellent machine for users of all levels, perfect for light to intense cardio training, weight loss, endurance development, and intervals. Finally, it’s not an expensive treadmill for this range of features, offering an excellent price/value ratio.

And finally, I hope you found this article helpful. If you have anything that you’d like to share or any opinions on any of the content on my site, please do speak up. I look forward to your comments, questions and the sharing of ideas.

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