6100 asuna sprinter cycle

6100 ASUNA Sprinter Cycle: Best Spin Bike Under $1,000


Known as the best spin bike under $1000. The 6100 ASUNA Sprinter Cycle Exercise Bike is a full commercial spin bike. Accordingly, it provides a comfortable and high-quality indoor cycling exercise for all users, including elite cyclists. Moreover, cycling is a healthy, low-impact exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Thus, Sunny Health and Fitness have set a new standard for indoor bikes under $1000 with 6100 ASUNA Sprinter.

Rear drive mechanism away from sweat zone, professional look, magnetic resistance, fully adjustable racing handlebars and seat, SPD pedals, excellent media holder, and commercial quality. Furthermore, the magnetic resistance is precise and adjustable through an easy-to-reach knob. Thus, it offers enough resistance to make the workout difficult for all levels of cyclists.

In addition, seamlessly monitor your heart rate on the LCD monitor with the pulse sensors (heart rate belt compatible). Place your tablet on the tablet holder and stream your favorite cycle video all while keeping track of your fitness with the LCD monitor that displays time, calories and pulse.

6100 asuna sprinter cycle
6100 ASUNA sprinter cycle

Product: Sunny Health and Fitness 6100 ASUNA Sprinter Cycle Exercise Bike

Price: check for the lowest price on amazon.com

Warranty: 5-year frame and 180 days on parts

My Rating 9.4/10

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The 6100 ASUNA Sprinter Cycle Exercise Bike by Sunny Health & Fitness allows you to improve muscular endurance, do controlled cardiovascular training and get stronger leg and back muscles. With this in mind, the Sprinter indoor training bike has been redesigned with a new frame and multi-position handlebars for all training positions and user sizes. Let’s see what this durable indoor cycle offers.


  • This premium cycle bike offers less maintenance and silent pedaling every time with the 37 lb flywheel and belt drive mechanism.
  • In addition, control your intensity with ten levels of adjustable magnetic resistance
  • The right Q Factor makes indoor cycles more biomechanically efficient by keeping the rider’s hip, knee, and foot aligned. Therefore, the Q Factor of 152.4mm makes this stationary cycle bike safe and efficient.
  • The patented high-grade aluminum safety post reduces weight, making it easy to adjust.
  • Foot levelers eliminate shaking for a smoother ride while the pushdown brake brings the bike to an immediate stop
  • Use the tablet holder to watch a video/read.
  • Track progress with LCD monitor (built in wireless pulse receiver with a chest strap to monitor heart rate).
  • Stay hydrated with the dual water bottle holder.
  • This 350 lb high weight capacity cycle bike features an ergonomic, fully adjustable handlebar and seat allowing for multiple positions.
  • Dual-sided pedals fit SPD cleats and traditional fitness shoes.

    6100 asuna sprinter cycle
    37 lb. Flywheel

Sturdiness, flywheel, resistance, and drive

One of the sturdiest indoor cycles on the market with a heavy duty steel frame and durable parts. The 6100 ASUNA Sprinter features the rear-drive design. It offers comfort and exercise while giving less drive mechanism problems for riders.

This cycle has a 37-Lb heavy duty high-inertia balanced flywheel that provides the real road cycling feeling. And with a 152.4mm Q-factor, the Sunny indoor cycle brings as little as possible stress on your hips and lower body joints.

Adjustable powerful Magnetic Resistance provides more than enough tension for any level of cyclists both in seated and standing positions. Thus, this ASUNA indoor bike features belt drive with superior sealed ball bearings and sweat resistance coating to make a long-lasting cardio workout machine.

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Handlebars, seat, pedals, and console

The 6100 ASUNA Sprinter Cycle has a fore/Aft up&down adjustable racing saddle and handlebar to accommodate all sizes of users. To change the hand-grips fore/aft, you need to loosen the knob located on the side of the handlebars. The bike doesn’t have an elbow rest. However, there are the racing grips for more comfortable racing position exercise.

In particular, the 6100 ASUNA Sprinter Cycle has strong Cranks and Dual-sided pedals. Furthermore, the pedals have SPD clips on one side and regular shoes on the other side.

In addition, the Sprinter 6100 cycle features a non-back-lit LCD computer that displays eight readouts of training values. Thus, you can track RPM/Speed, Time, Pulse, Resistance, and calories.

6100 asuna sprinter cycle
handlebars, LCD monitor, tablet holder

The 6100 ASUNA Sprinter Cycle features a non-interactive console that allows you to track all the necessary workout progress. Specifically, ASUNA 6100’s console displays the time, speed, distance, calories burned, rpm, pulse, and scan.

Note: 6100 ASUNA Sprinter indoor cycle doesn’t require AC power and uses 1 Lithium-ion battery, it’s included.


  • 350 user weight
  • Full guard all around the flywheel
  • Handlebars with Racing grips
  • Heart Rate belt included
  • Push down emergency brake
  • Soft professional cycling seat
  • Features SPD clips and Toe Cage
  • Narrow Q-Factor
  • Transport wheels
  • Foot levelers to eliminate Shaking
  • It has a silent grooved belt
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Sturdy bike
  • Heavy balanced flywheel
  • Displays current Resistance level on the console
  • Tablet holder
  • Two water bottle holders


  • Short warranty on the parts

Technical Information:

  • Drive: Belt
  • Q-factor: 125 MM
  • Resistance: Magnetic, ten levels
  • Flywheel: 37-Lb
  • Pedals: SPD clips and toe cage
  • Handlebars: 4-Way adjustable racing grips
  • Seat: 4-Way adjustable
  • Console: Distance, calories, time, heart rate, RPM and resistance level.
  • Data storage: No
  • Bluetooth: No
  • Weight capacity: 350-Lb
  • User Height Capacity: 5ft – 6.4″
  • Water Bottle holder: Two
  • Media Tray: Yes
  • User reviews: Excellent
  • Warranty: 5 Year Frame and 180 Days Parts
  • Dimensions: 43″L x 52″H x 22″W inches
  • Bike weight: 127-lb
  • Transport wheels: Yes
  • Foot Levelers: Yes

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Final Thoughts:

Overall, it’s the best spin bike under $1000, and no other spin bike can beat these features in this price range. Therefore, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this Sunny spin bike for any level of cyclists.

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