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6 Ways to Relieve Stress Instantly


6 Ways to Relieve Stress Instantly. Flush anxiety away in seconds with these incredibly simple acts.

Feeling tense? You’re not alone. The American Psychological Association’s latest Stress in America report reveals that more Americans are feeling stressed than ever, and the intensity of that anxiety is also increasing.

Whether you’re worried about the economy, health issues, or political climate, stress can manifest in a range of physical and mental symptoms, including headaches, upset stomach, muscular tension, restlessness, irritability, and social withdrawal.

But there’s some good news amid all this anxiety: Scientists understand the causes of stress—and how best to relieve it—better than ever. In other words, our stress may be increasing, but so is our ability to cope with it.

The next time your anxiety levels start creeping up, try any of these tips for fast relief. If you’re unable to tame your tension on your own or you continue to experience stress symptoms, talk to your doctor about intervention strategies like therapy.

relieve stress instantly
The Whole World Smiles with you

1. Crack a Smile, Even if It’s Fake (this is a great way to relieve stress instantly)

You may be less likely to put on a happy face when you’re feeling stressed, but doing so might be one of the quickest ways to calm down. A University of Kansas study found the simple act of smiling can lower your heart rate and may reduce levels of stress. In other words, smiling might act as a buffer that limits the physical and emotional effects of being exposed to a stressful situation.

If you’re bogged down by stress, try to grin and bear it. You’ll still enjoy some stress-busting benefits if your smile is fake, but the most potent smiles are the genuine ones that involve your eyes.

2. Fill Your Belly with Air

Deep breathing just might be the best stress reliever you’re not using. Harvard researchers found that practicing controlled breathing can help the body slow down its heartbeat, limit the production of stress hormones, and trigger the relaxation response. The best part: You can do it anywhere, anytime.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious, take a few minutes to sit quietly and inhale, allowing your belly to rise before your chest. When your lungs feel naturally full, take in even more air. Hold briefly, then exhale. When you think your lungs are empty, push out more breath to a count of 10 until you have made your lungs as empty as possible. Repeat at least two more times.

Are you dealing with neck tension or carpal tunnel pain? Deep breathing can help with that too.

relieve stress instantly
Furry Friend

3. Spend Time with a Furry Friend (another great way to relieve stress instantly)

Not only do pets provide us with loving companionship, but a large body of research shows spending time with a friendly animal, dogs, in particular, can reduce heart rate, blood pressure, and levels of the stress hormone cortisol. In fact, a five- to 20-minute interaction is all it takes to reap the benefits of reduced cortisol levels.

Don’t own a pet? No problem! Hanging out with an unfamiliar dog can still help tame stress. Ask a friend if you can borrow theirs for an hour or two, or consider volunteering at your local animal shelter. In addition to cutting stress, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you’re making another living creature’s life just a little bit better. Just google dog shelters to find the nearest one to you.

4. Put Fresh Flowers on the Kitchen Table

Fresh daisies, tulips, and roses do more than just brighten up the room—they also lift your mood. Research from Harvard University found that just looking at a vase of fresh flowers can reduce feelings of stress, increase happiness, and even provide an energy boost.

Exposure to flowers first thing in the morning had a particularly significant impact, so place a bouquet on your bedside table or wherever you eat breakfast to set yourself up for a low-stress, high-energy day.

5. Try Progressive Muscle Relaxation (works great to relieve stress instantly)

Progressive muscle relaxation involves tensing and then relaxing each muscle group in your body: upper arm, chest, back, abdominals, lower arm, and so on. It helps to start with your head and work your way down to your toes or go in the opposite direction by starting with your toes and working your way up to your head. Either way, spending a few seconds in each area.

relieve stress instantly
Fresh Flowers

This technique is based on the idea that the mind follows the body. When you relax your body, the mind also clears.

Bonus: Research shows progressive muscle relaxation can also help ease chronic pain, improve body awareness, and help you sleep.

6. Write Down Your Worries

A pen and paper can be powerful medicine. Research documented by the University of Rochester Medical Center shows that journaling or expressive writing can help people stress less, manage anxiety, and cope with feelings of depression. And you don’t have to write much. Just jotting down what’s on your mind can help you identify negative thoughts or behaviors and choose more positive approaches instead. It also enables you to organize your thoughts, so your brain feels less overwhelmed.

There’s no one right way to journal. What you write is really up to you. Afraid of someone seeing your most private thoughts? Write down your negative thoughts—and then throw out (or recycle!) the piece of paper. Researchers from Ohio State University found this helps ease those negative feelings.

Another option: Make a gratitude list, which can also boost your mood.

For those of you who might enjoy soothing and relaxing sounds check out the Avantek White Noise Sound Machine for around $40.00.

I hope this helps you to come up with your ideas to help relieve stress instantly. If you have anything that you’d like to share or any opinions on any of the content on my site, please do speak up. I look forward to your comments, questions, and the sharing of ideas.

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20 thoughts on “6 Ways to Relieve Stress Instantly

  1. I choose option 2: Fill your belly with air. This is also called deep breathing. My doctor recommended it to a stammering patient who was anxious about his speech. It worked for him. It can work for others.

  2. Stress is one thing that has effect on your day to day life and has short and long time effects ,of which non are positive . Stressed people make irrational and harsh decision which they eventually regret . Stress relieving techniques should be practiced every day or one should find their stress reliever to stay healthy and happy .

    1. Hi Shivangi, thanks for sharing. These ways to relieve stress are easy and anyone can do them. These are temporary ways to relieve stress. Do you have any permanent ways to relieve stress? What are they? Thanks again, Robert

  3. I have never tried progressive muscle relaxation. I would love to try it since I know I will be under a lot of stress next week due to increasing work load. This is a very informative read.

  4. Its a worth reading article, the lists are totally helpful. If stress strikes us it affects our ability to live a normal life. Good to know that there are blogs and websites that create very informative detail that we can apply on our daily life.

  5. Hi Robert! These are awesome tips for relieving stress. My offline work brings so much stress every day and the only way I could cope is by doing my online activities. Not only that I am earning from it, I also learn new things every day. Stressing ourselves too much have a negative effect on our health so it is needed that we have something to do in order to release the stress.

    1. Hi Sharon, thanks for sharing. We are learning more each day about the negative impact stress has on our health. It’s equally important that we learn how to relieve stress in our stress-filled lives. Thanks again, Robert

  6. Writing has been my constant way of coping up with stress. For me it has been effective, like turning my anger into a beautiful poem. So I totally agree with the list that you made.

  7. This article is a great reminder that we can do simple things everyday to lessen our stress levels. Exercise is something that helps me tremendously as well when I’m feeling stressed out. Get out there and get some sunshine and fresh air folks! Don’t sweat the small stuff 🙂

  8. Unfortunately, I am having depression lately, now and then. I think I should try these ways for stress reliever. Thanks for these tips!

    1. Hi Levi, you’re welcome and thanks for sharing. It might sound surprising that how often you workout could have an effect on how you feel mentally, but our physical body and mind have a strong connection, so taking care of one will have a positive effect on the other. Learn more>>. Thanks again, Robert

  9. This is why dogs are mans best friend. It has been proven that pets are great relievers as well as companions. Thanks.

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