Best snacks for weight loss

21 Best Snacks for Weight Loss


21 Best Snacks for Weight Loss. Eat more, weigh less. If you’re sacrificing snacks to cut calories, stop—to lose weight, you need snacks. Snacking is an opportunity to fuel your body between meals. Healthy snacks ensure you won’t be ravenous come mealtime and keep your fat-burning metabolism revved up.

Here are 21 nutritionist-approved choices for both store-bought and make-your-own meals. Each snack packs 150 to 200 calories, and is filled with good-for-you nutrients that will make you feel like your diet is about anything but deprivation.

#1. Greek yogurt with raspberries and honey

best snack for weight loss
Greek Yogurt with Raspberries and honey

Sweet, creamy, and filling, this trio feels completely indulgent. The combination of fiber, healthy fats and protein are sure to get you over any 3 pm slump. Plus, the vitamin C in raspberries increases your body’s fat-burning ability, according to research in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. Combine a single-serving container of Greek yogurt, a cup of raspberries, and a half-tablespoon of honey.

#2. Best Snacks for Weight Loss Grapes and walnuts

best snacks for weight loss
Grapes and walnuts

No matter how much you love either, there are only so many you can eat. That’s because grapes are super sweet and walnuts are even more filling. A cup of grapes and a handful of nuts together are a power-combo of natural sugars, fiber, healthy fats, and protein—all of which make for more long-lasting energy.

#3. KIND Healthy Grains Bar

best snack for weight loss
KIND Healthy Grains Bar

The amaranth, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, and gluten-free oats in these bars meet one-third of your daily whole grain needs. Therefore, apart from lowering your cholesterol, research in the Journal of Nutrition suggests a diet rich in whole grains can help you burn fat.

#4. Edamame

best snacks for weight loss

A cup of edamame meets one-third of both your daily fiber and protein needs. If you want them to last longer, suck them straight from the shells. Research published in the journal Appetite shows you feel like you have eaten more if you can see the remnants (in this case the pods) of your food.

#5. Best Snacks for Weight Loss Freekeh Foods

best snacks for weight loss
Freekeh Foods

Freekeh is a cereal made from roasted green wheat. That’s the only ingredient in this snack’s original blend, making it an ideal packaged snack. With zero sodium, four grams of fiber, six grams of protein, and only 130 calories per quarter-cup serving, you can help yourself to an extra-large serving. Try rosemary sage or tamari when you want to mix things up. (

#6.Wheat Thins and Cottage Cheese

best snacks for weight loss
Wheat Thins and cottage cheese

Dip 10 Wheat Thins in the cottage cheese, or enjoy them side-by-side. A half-cup serving of cottage cheese contains one-quarter of your recommended daily intake of protein. Rather than a nonfat variety, go for 2% or even full-fat. The fat combined with the protein will keep your stomach full until mealtime.

#7. Ips All Natural Egg White Chips

best snacks for weight loss
IPS All Natural Egg White Chips

It might sound weird, but these chips are certainly worth a crunch. Made from egg whites, they pack seven grams of metabolism-revving protein and come in convenient single-serving bags. (

#8. Mediterranean hummus tray

best snacks for weight loss
Mediterranean hummus tray

Get your Mediterranean diet on. Cucumbers, olives, and hummus are all high in fiber, low in fat, and pair perfectly for a snack that feels more like a meal. Therefore, your spread should include a cup of cucumber slices, about four kalamata olives, and about four tablespoons of hummus.

#9. Best Snacks for Weight Loss Arctic Zero frozen desserts

best snacks for weight loss
Arctic Zero frozen desserts

This entire pint will only set you back 150 calories. Best of all, it packs 12 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber. Furthermore, add fruit, nuts, and other toppings for a perfect parfait.

#10. Oatmeal and Blueberries

best snacks for weight loss
Oatmeal and blueberries

Oats aren’t just for breakfast—they’re good any time you need a hearty treat. Full of fiber, they help regulate blood sugar levels to keep you from crashing. Meanwhile, blueberries add a kick of sweetness (and vitamin C) without any table sugar. So try a packet of plain, microwaveable oatmeal topped with a half cup of blueberries.

#11 Banana with Peanut Butter

best snacks for weight loss
Banana with peanut butter

Spread a tablespoon of peanut butter onto a banana. The carbs will give you a quick mood and energy spike, while the protein will keep the energy going for hours. Hence, a 2013 study in the British Journal of Nutrition found that eating peanut butter in the morning can help curb your appetite throughout the rest of the day.

#12. Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips

best snacks for weight loss
Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips

Whatever less-than-healthy potato chip variety you like, chances are this brand has a similar flavor without all of the fat. The zesty nacho type, for instance, has 0.5 grams saturated fat, 6 grams of protein, and seven times your daily quota of vitamin K, which helps maintain healthy bones. Furthermore, you could make your kale chips. (

#13. Popcorn, Indiana All-Natural Kettlecorn Popcorn

best snacks for weight loss
Indiana All-Natural Kettlecorn Popcorn

The name might say “classic,” but these kernels are anything but what you grew up eating. Flavors include bacon ranch, American cheese, and cinnamon sugar kettle corn, and come with as few as five straightforward and natural ingredients. Furthermore, you could also make your healthy popcorn recipes at home. (

#14. Apple slices with cheese

best snacks for weight loss
Apple slices and cheese

An apple a day might not necessarily keep the doctor away, but it could help prevent weight gain, according to research in the journal Nutrition. Another study shows cheese might, too. Try pairing a gala apple with a half-inch slice of sharp cheddar cheese: It’s the perfect sweet and salty mix with a crunch!

#15. Cheerios and Soynuts

best snacks for weight loss
Cheerios and soy nuts

It’s perhaps not the most obvious pairing, but put a quarter-cup of roasted, salted soynuts and a half-cup of Multigrain Cheerios together, shake them up, and you’ll be hooked. The sweet and salty combo (not to mention the fiber and protein) makes for a scrumptious snack.

#16.Best Snacks for Weight Loss Turkey Rolls

best snacks for weight loss
Turkey rolls

Sliced turkey breast doesn’t need a bun! Roll up five slices of turkey with two roasted red peppers and two teaspoons of spicy mustard. Therefore, it’s basically a mini meal, and it comes in at only 150 calories.

#17. Pear slices with Almond Butter

best snacks for weight loss
Pear slices with almond butter

Pair your pear with a tablespoon of almond butter for the perfect carb and protein combination. Boost its health profile with a dash of cinnamon: A 2012 Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics study found that the spice helps stabilize blood sugar levels.

#18. Krave Turkey Jerky and an orange

best snacks for weight loss
Krave turkey jerky and an orange

Don’t worry, this isn’t your typical gas station jerky. It comes in flavors like lemon garlic and basil citrus, is loaded with protein, and is 97% fat free. The basil citrus pairs nicely with an orange. (

#19. Another Great Snack Idea Spiced Green Tea Smoothie

best snacks for weight loss
Spiced green tea smoothie

Some research has shown that an active ingredient in green tea, EGCG, may help you shed pounds. But when it comes to snacking, a cup of tea isn’t likely to quell your appetite. For a more filling option that still reaps all the fat-burning benefits of green tea, try this spiced smoothie. It contains a tasty blend of chilled green tea, lemon juice, agave, pear, plain yogurt, and a pinch of cayenne for some extra metabolism-boosting power.

#20. Best Snacks for Weight Loss Hardboiled Egg

best snacks for weight loss
Hardboiled egg

When hunger strikes, a hardboiled egg is a great grab-and-go snack. It’s high in protein, which will curb your appetite and keep you from reaching for something less-than-healthy. Plus it packs nutrients like vitamins D and B12, but only contains 77 calories. Only prep a bunch of hard-boiled eggs at once, and store them in the fridge for a quick hunger fix.

#21. Herby Edamame Dip With Buckwheat Crackers

best snacks for weight loss
Herby Edamame Dip with Buckwheat crackers

If you’re craving chips and dip but don’t want to compromise your healthy diet, reach of some buckwheat crackers with herby edamame dip instead. Both buckwheat groats and edamame are packed with protein, making them an ideal option to help ward off hunger. Buckwheat groats also filled with nutrients like zinc, copper, manganese, and magnesium. Plus this dip is so creamy and flavorful, you’ll likely forget that it’s actually healthy.


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  1. Thanks for the snack suggestions! Didn’t know that turkey rolls can loss weight! Fruits can really help you with your weight loss plan. Not only are they delicious and healthy but also has the cool benefits in your body.

  2. It is a very informative article, and the list is actually the best choice on the market. As a fitness buff, I used to energize my morning with greek yogurt, raspberries, and honey alternately with banana with peanut butter. It gives me a boost in the morning. I always keep this formula in mind 70% of the diet and 30 % exercise will give you a life-changing result.

  3. Hi Robert. Being an employee who has a lot of paper works to do, it is really important that I have something to eat in between meal breaks. However, my workplace is far from the main city so there are times when I couldn’t find anything for snacks. Not to mention that there are times when I am so absorbed in my work. It’s an awesome thing that you have included on your list those food items which I could bring with me to the office and keep inside my drawer. I was surprised to see hardboiled egg among the list. On the overall, it’s a very helpful article.

  4. Who says you can’t have snack when losing weight? Grapes and walnuts are my favorite snacks! Thanks for sharing some snack ideas!

  5. I didn’t know that you can lose some weight without depriving yourself. For instance, popcorn while watching your favorite movie. Great info.

  6. This is a great list of snacks for weight loss. I did not know that grapes is also good for weight loss, maybe that’s why I keep my fit since I eat grapes daily. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Robert I found this article on 21 best snacks for weight loss quite interesting. Some of these foods I am familiar with while others I have never heard of before. I was quite surprised by the cost of some of the items especially the Arctic Zero Frozen Desserts and the All Natural Egg White Chips. Thank goodness there are other snack listed here that I would normally have on my grocery list. Losing weight can be quite difficult for some people and having different snacks available for people to try can be a big help. Thanks for the great info.

    1. Hi Maureen, thanks for your comments. I happy this gave you a few new snack ideas. I believe that snack are a healthy part of a person’s diet. They can go along way to providing fiber, protein and keeping you feeling full so that you don’t binge eat. Until next time happy snacking.

  8. Very interesting articles and ideas for a healthy breakfast. I’ve been stuck having the same breakfast every day and you’ve given me some really good ideas, thank you. Just wanted to ask what your thoughts are on oats and seeds being toasted with coconut oil and then adding sultanas, almonds and hazelnuts for breakfast?

    1. Hi Alison, thanks for your comments and questions. I think oats and seeds toasted with coconut oil and adding sultanas, almonds and hazelnuts sounds great. I will try it out myself. It’s loaded with good fats and high in protein. It will definitely power you through the morning. Don’t forget to snack with the suggestions I wrote about.

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