vitamix explorian e310 blender


Introducing the Vitamix Explorian E310 Blender. What Makes It The Best Blender? Blenders are an excellent way to change your lifestyle, eat healthier, and even lose a lot of weight. But at what cost does it take to have a premium kitchen appliance that is capable of making vegetables and fruits as tasty and palatable as possible? When I first saw a Vitamix demo at Costco, I knew I wanted one then and there. But the price just wasn’t in my budget.

I went online and discovered there was another competing brand called Blendtec (K-Tec at the time) and it was under $300. It fit my budget better than the Vitamix, so I bought it online, sight unseen. It took me many years later to buy a Vitamix when my budget was considerably more substantial. Read More

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body-solid e300 endurance elliptical

The Body-Solid E300 Endurance elliptical trainer has been around for several years, but it continues to benefit from favorable reviews from users all over the U.S. to this day, just because it’s a well-built fitness machine. It doesn’t include features such as incline, online connectivity or amenities such as sound system or cooling fan, but on the other hand, it offers quite a unique center-drive design, which provides a very natural riding feel.

Frame construction

The Body-Solid E300 Endurance elliptical trainer features quite a heavy construction; its assembled weight is approx. 232 lbs (105.2 kg), which means that it’s made from thick steel tubing.  However, on the other hand, all this weight adds a lot of stability to the device. You can be sure that it won’t wobble or rock even if you engage in the most demanding workouts. Read More

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2018 fitness trends

Top Predictions for 2018 Fitness Trends. Last year saw it all, kombucha-based cocktails (fermented tea to you and I), protein-packed insect snacks and commuters on scooters. There’s no doubt more, and more of us are starting to lead healthier and balanced lifestyles, take the popularity of Veganuary this month for example.

2018 fitness trends
Muay Thai

So what does 2018 have up its sleeve?

2018 Fitness Trends: 1. Boxing

The boxing trend that swept the nation in 2016/2017 will be evolving in 2018 with a progression of interest in combat sports leading to a rise in classes specializing in martial arts, kickboxing, and Muay Thai.

These fast-paced, intense workouts engage the whole body while improving cardiovascular health, stamina and building lean muscle mass.

2018 Fitness Trends: 2. Slacklining

While it might look simple, comprising of a tightrope elevated just a few inches off the ground, holding your balance on a slackline is no easy feat.

This workout engages the core and can be done nearly anywhere, making it the perfect park exercise.

2018 fitness trends

2018 Fitness Trends: 3. New recovery rules

Any trainer worth their salt will tell you that recovery is just as significant when training as the workout itself.

That’s why this year will see the focus shift to advanced recovery plans, such as targeting the fascia – a connective tissue made mostly from collagen which wraps around the muscles, ligaments, and organs in our bodies to control mobility.

Keeping vital muscles and tissue, such as the fascia, in excellent condition reduces injury risk and heightens muscle mobility, enabling you to perform better, for longer.

We will soon be seeing a rise in the use of advanced recovery techniques usually reserved for athletes.

Gyms will also be introducing recovery based classes and workouts, which focus on stretching, releasing and mobilizing your joints and muscles.

2018 Fitness Trends: 4. DNA fitness testing

2018 fitness trends
DNA profile

Contrary to popular belief, science is now proving that nobody is, or ever was, bound to their genes.

Through DNA fitness testing, fitness goers can check in on their microbiome activity and tailor fitness regimes and nutrition plan to optimise healthy living while continually re-programming their genetic identity.

2018 Fitness Trends: 5. Serotonin-boosting foods

We’ll soon be checking food labels for serotonin-boosting ingredients, such as tryptophan which is found in bananas, walnuts, salmon and green tea.

Great for emotional stability, calmness, good sleep and a general state of wellbeing, serotonin is known as the “happy hormone.”

2018 Fitness Trends: 6. Infused waters

While mint, lemon, ginger and coconut waters have been around for a while and their benefits widely-known, as a community of wellness-warriors we’re always on the hunt for more.

This year, infused waters are stepping up a gear with innovative new products on the market such as alkaline water, plant water, cascara-infused water and electrolyte-enhanced water.

2018 fitness trends
Kombucha drink

2018 Fitness Trends: 7. Booch is the new booze

Dry January will kick-start the shift from alcohol to booch, as we incorporate Kombucha into our daily diets.

This fermented drink is a power player when it comes to gut health, helping you to maintain a healthy immune system thanks to its high levels of probiotics and antioxidants which kill harmful bacteria.

2018 Fitness Trends: 8. Plant-based diets

Plant-based diets are more popular than ever before and with reports of brighter skin, lower blood pressure and improved energy levels, it’s no wonder.

This is a fascinating time for healthy food and the wellness world in general as we see more and more plant-based brands enter the market to meet huge customer demand.

2018 Fitness Trends: 9. Sound healing

The ancient tool is said to use rhythm and frequency to shift our brainwaves into a state of perfect balance.

The practice involves listening to percussive instruments such as gongs or tuning forks, which can place you into a meditative state – moving us from a normal waking state of consciousness (beta) to our relaxed awareness (alpha) and even delta (sleep) where internal healing naturally occurs.

2018 Fitness Trends: 10. Scientific gamification health tracking

As technology advancements race ahead, we’re able to monitor ourselves more easily and conveniently in today’s acceleration society.

Plus, who’s got the time to keep up with our hectic lives anyway? Well, there’s an app for that, and Nike+ is just one of them.

2018 fitness trends

Although there’s a vast array of fitness and health tracking apps already out on the market, we’re noticing a steady incline in more science-based applications – especially those that enable an element of gamification to challenge your mates.

2018 Fitness Trends: 11. Mainstream meditation

Meditation and mindfulness are buzzwords for 2018.

Yogis have been practicing meditation for millennia, but the rest of us are just starting to catch on.

Apps like headspace have helped to make meditation mainstream, and we’re beginning to reap the benefits as a nation.

In 2018, we’re going to see meditation classes, studios and events cropping up and spreading across the world as the practice becomes more mainstream.

2018 Fitness Trends: 12. Beyond Athleisure

Athleisure clothing bridges the gaps between functional, comfortable and work-appropriate clothing.

In 2018 we’re expecting a revolution.

2018 fitness trends

2018 Fitness Trends: 13. Plant-based beauty

Brands are embracing plant power when it comes to beauty products and treatments; from avocados for your face (not just your toast) in the form of avocado oils to apple cider vinegar toners to hemp body creams and turmeric natural skin glow, these are the new superfoods for the skin.

2018 Fitness Trends: 14. Mental health

Mental health awareness has recently exploded. It’s no longer a sign of weakness, but of bravery. With chief executives recently opening up about their mental health, the workplace is increasingly becoming a judgment-free space.

So much so, various companies are awakening to its vast prevalence and are looking for solutions to keep their staff healthy in mind and body.

There’s no doubt 2018 will see an increase in corporate business mental health therapy programmes to aid today’s overwhelming levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.

2018 Fitness Trends: 15. Health-conscious traveling

Our eyes are being opened to the health-conscious travel experiences that the world has to offer; from Shinrin Yoki (forest bathing) in Japan to a traditional Vipassana (silent retreat) in India.

Hotels around the globe are waking up to this growing market of healthy travelers, and offering experiences to appeal to them.

2018 Fitness Trends: 16. World food healing spices

Our exposure to various cultures and traditions has padded out our knowledge bank and usage of healthy food spices.

That’s why adaptogenic herbs and spices such as turmeric are taking off. Beyond food flavoring, these food additions are great for decreasing inflammation, improving gut health and restoring mental health.

2018 fitness trends
happy hikers

2018 Fitness Trends: 17. Happy hikers

A significant travel trend for 2018 is going to be back-to-basics fitness, in the form of hiking – a fantastic workout that also provides mental benefits.

Surrounded by nature has been proven to reduce stress and increase positive mood. And the best bit is… anyone can do it.

I hope you found this article helpful and as always I look forward to your comments, questions and the sharing of ideas.

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The Top 17 Fitness Trends You Need To Know About In 2018 .., (accessed January 17, 2018).





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afg sports 5.9ae elliptical


What to know about Innovative AFG Sport 5.9AE Elliptical. The AFG Sport 5.9AE Elliptical makes exercise feel like flying. The heavy-duty 23 lb. flywheel and precision drive system delivers a remarkably smooth running experience via smooth ellipse motion and a 20-inch glide path. Furthermore, your achy joints will never have to worry again!

And with 43 workout programs, 16 resistance levels, 20 levels of incline, and tablet connectivity so you can use the AFG fitness app, the term ‘flexibility’ finds itself redefined. Additional features include USB charging ports, multiple user accounts, a fitness fan, Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility for the fully integrated audio system and speakers, and various LED screens. Some assembly required.

Read More

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genius pieces of tech

Genius Pieces of Tech that Boost your Wellbeing

Genius Pieces of Tech for Sleep:

When trying to kick-start healthy habits, often the first areas we turn our attention to our exercise and diet. But one of the best things we can do for our bodies gets a good night’s rest, with studies warning that sleep deprivation can have a significant adverse impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. It’s now easier than ever to make sure you’re clocking up the right amount of hours, with a wide variety of tech on the market to optimise the experience, from helping you nod off to getting the best start in the morning.

genius pieces of tech
Sleepace Reston Nonwearable Sleep Tracker System

One of the most effortless ways to keep track of and improve your sleep is to use a physical monitor. Sleepace Reston Nonwearable Sleep Tracker System ( $149.99), is comprised of a discreet, flexible sensor pad that fits under the sheet on top of a mattress. From the moment you lie down it begins to collate information on sleep time and efficiency, heart rate, movement, and snoring, as well as the temperature and humidity of the room, with progress trackable through the app. The S+ by ResMed (available from $41.98), works on a similar principal but is even less obtrusive. It’s made up of a monitor unit that sits on your bedside table.

genius pieces of tech
S+ by ResMed

Once you’ve thoroughly understood your sleep cycle, the next stage is taking steps to improve it. It’s where light-based alarm clocks come in, which aim to ease you in and out of sleep by gently decreasing and increasing the brightness of the room. An excellent place to begin is the Lumie Bodyclock Starter 30 ($155.59), which features 30-minute sunrise and sunset settings and an optional backup audible alarm.

genius pieces of tech
Lumie Bodyclock Starter 30

Genius Pieces of Tech for Exercise:

There’s no shortage of fitness trackers around, but Fitbit remains a market leader for a good reason. For a wide range of useful functions look beyond its popular wristbands to its smartwatches, such as the recently released Fitbit Ionic ($269.00). Whatever your sport of choice, it will automatically recognize the exercise you are doing and record it for you in the app – you can even take it with you in the pool to measure your laps and stroke style. Pull up personalized workout guidance on the screen, or get insights into your health including sleep patterns and heart rate.

genius pieces of tech
Fitbit Ionic

If wristwear doesn’t appeal, there are some other ways to apply a high-tech approach when exercising. The Myzone belt activity belt and Watch ($174.99) straps around the chest and provides real-time feedback on heart rate and calories burned. Under Armour’s Gemini record-equipped running shoes ($149.99) allow you to concentrate on your run free from any modern distractions. They gather digital metrics to help improve your performance.

genius pieces of tech
UA Gemini 3 Record
genius pieces of tech
Myzone Belt and Watch

Genius Pieces of Tech for General wellbeing:

You’ve hit the gym and the vegetable aisle, but are your efforts paying off? Nokia’s Body+ digital scales ($79.99) tracks data on your body weight over time. And then syncs to an app on your phone automatically via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth helping you see the bigger picture of your health. Beyond the usual pounds and ounces, it also displays fat and muscle mass, water retention and bone mass.

genius pieces of tech
Nokia Body+ Digital Scale

The company is also leading the way in other devices that help you manage your wellbeing from the comfort of your own home. The Thermo ($78.22) uses infrared sensors to read a highly accurate body temperature from the temporal artery, telling you if the result is typical and tracking it over time to give you health advice based on the profile of the person and their symptoms. For those with ongoing conditions, tools such as the BPM+ ($129.95) smart blood pressure monitor are invaluable. Tracking statistics over time can aid in building a better picture of heart health.

genius pieces of tech
Nokia BPM+
genius pieces of tech
Nokia The Thermo

I hope you found this article helpful and as always I look forward to your comments, questions and the sharing of ideas.

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Bodycraft SPX Club Indoor Cycling Bike


The Best Health And Fitness Gadgets | The Week Portfolio, (accessed January 17, 2018).

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Easy Metabolism-Boosting Tips to Speed Up Weight Loss. “Boosting the metabolism” may very well be the “holy grail” of the fitness industry. Fortunately, there are several tried and true methods to accomplish this. Exercise, for instance, is arguably the most potent tool in the metabolism-boosting toolbox. Indeed, certain types of exercise can boost metabolism for hours after a workout. Even better, they can lead to long-term increases in resting metabolic rate by building calorie-burning muscle.

You hear it all the time – “metabolism,” but what is it? It’s the process of converting food into energy. Metabolism happens in your muscles and organs, and the result of it is what we commonly refer to as “burning calories.” Metabolism is essentially the speed at which your body’s motor is running.

“Basal metabolism” is the metabolic rate or caloric expenditure needed to maintain basal body functions such as your heart beating, breathing, muscle tone, etc. It’s how fast your “motor” is running when you’re still in a reclined position or sleeping. Basal metabolism accounts for about 75% of the calories you expend on a daily basis!

Increasing the amount of non-exercise activity (called NEAT)—such as walking, fidgeting, doing yard work, performing chores, dancing, taking the stairs, and moving throughout the day—is another efficient way to increase daily energy expenditure.

Believe it or not, the food you eat—or don’t eat—can also have a significant impact on metabolism. For example, under-eating can lead to reduced metabolic rate. Meanwhile, specific metabolism-boosting foods and drinks help boost metabolic rate.

Top five metabolism-boosting foods:

protein-rich foods

1. Protein-Rich Foods

There is a consensus that protein stimulates thermogenic burn to a significantly greater extent than other macronutrients (carbohydrates, fat). This is what makes proteins one of the top metabolism-boosting foods. Protein-rich foods boost the metabolism THREE to SIX TIMES more than carbs or fats. This means you burn more calories each day when you consume a high-protein diet.

It also means that protein-rich foods provide less metabolizable energy than carbs or fats. That is, your body is less likely to store calories from protein as fat. So, it should come as no surprise that high-protein diets increase metabolic rate and help preserve metabolic rate after weight loss.

2. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The omega-3 fatty acids are “essential” fatty acids. That is, the body needs them yet cannot produce them on its own, so they must be obtained through diet and supplementation. The American Heart Association recommends that adults consume at least 500mg/day of EPA and DHA. The average person consumes only about a quarter of that amount (~135mg/day).


EPA and DHA are well-known for their beneficial effects on heart health, brain health, cognitive function, mood, eye health, and immune function. The benefits of EPA and DHA are far-reaching, as they are integrated into the membranes of our cells.

Even more, research has shown supplementation with fish oil may increase muscle mass, which is responsible for about 20% of resting metabolic rate and up to 80% of calorie expenditure during exercise. The best dietary sources of EPA and DHA are cold-water fatty fish such as:

• Anchovies
• Herring
• Sardines
• Salmon

3. Coconut Oil

unique dietary fat

Coconut oil is principally made up of saturated fat (about 92%), with as much as 70% of that being a particular type of fat called medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). This makes coconut oil unique among dietary fats. You see, unlike the more common long-chain fats (LCFs), MCTs are easily burned for energy and are far less likely to be stored as fat.

In fact, MCTs are viewed as “functional” fats that provide a host of health benefits. They’ve been shown to lower body weight, improve markers of metabolic health, reduce abdominal fat, and improve insulin sensitivity. Coconut oil is a rich source of this unique, health-promoting saturated fat.

4. Resistant Starch

Resistant starch is so named because it is a non-digestible carbohydrate (i.e., fiber). The reason resistant starch have been long-considered one of the top metabolism-boosting foods is in its ability to increase satiety (feelings of fullness and satisfaction) and reduce food intake both short- and long-term. Research has also shown consumption of resistant starch increases fat burning, decreases fat storage, and improves insulin sensitivity.

That’s not all. Researchers speculate that resistant starch may also increase calorie expenditure. Also, it may also promote weight loss and preserve calorie-burning muscle. Not surprisingly, the resistant starch has been hyped by the popular press as a “weight loss wonder food.” While resistant starch is not digestible by us, it is considered a “prebiotic” fiber that serves as “food” for our beneficial gut bacteria (e.g., probiotics). In other words, gut bacteria feed on resistant starch through the process of fermentation. This results in the production of critical chemicals (i.e., short-chain fatty acids) that fuel our immune cells and stimulate the release of vital hunger-suppressing hormones.

When healthy gut bacteria ferment resistant starches, a byproduct is the production of short-chain fatty acids (SFCA), which may help suppress appetite. Preparation and processing techniques profoundly influence the content of resistant starch in food. Generally speaking, the following are good sources of resistant starch:

green bananas

• Green, unripe bananas
• Uncooked, rolled oats
• Potatoes that have been cooked then cooled
• Rice that has been prepared then cooled
• White beans that have been prepared then cooled
• Lentils that have been cooked then cooled

5. Coffee and Tea

Coffee is one of the world’s most consumed drinks, trailing only water and tea. Of course, coffee is synonymous with caffeine, and there may be a host of benefits—including its place one of the top metabolism-boosting foods. For instance, studies show coffee consumption significantly increases metabolic rate. In fact, consuming as little as 100mg of caffeine, which you can get from a single cup of coffee, is enough to boost metabolic rate. And it appears repeated ingestion and more significant amounts lead to an even more pronounced effect.

What’s particularly interesting is that higher oxidation of fat accompanies this increase in resting metabolic rate. Simply put, coffee and caffeine can help boost metabolic rate and increase fat burning.

If coffee isn’t your, well, cup of tea, then you may be able to reap similar metabolism-boosting benefits from tea. Studies consistently show that green tea, which contains the catechin epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), increases metabolic rate and the body’s use of fat for fuel. Effects that are independent of its caffeine content. EGCG appears to work by inhibiting enzymes that can shut down critical fat-burning hormones (i.e., norepinephrine), thereby stoking the body’s fat-burning furnace.

morning cup of green tea

12 Additional Tips for Boosting Metabolism:

The good news is that there are ways you can “boost” your metabolism! The more of these you’re able to incorporate into your life, the more you’ll boost your metabolism. That means you’ll be burning more calories 24 hours a day!

  • Always eat breakfast!
  • Eat earlier in the day!
  • Don’t Deprive Yourself of Needed Calories!
  • Snack frequently!
  • Eat Carbohydrates!
  • Get your Heart Rate Up!
  • Strength Training!
  • Be Active!
  • Avoid alcohol!
  • Avoid the”3 P’s: Pills, powders, and potions! There are NO quick fixes!
  • Get started today!

Final Thoughts:

Metabolism is an encompassing term used to describe how many calories you expend on a daily basis. It is made up mainly of resting metabolic rate, which is the number of calories your body requires to sustain vital functions at rest. However, physical activity can have a profound effect on metabolism, both in the short run and long-term. While the contribution of eating is less pronounced, certain metabolism-boosting foods can indeed have an impact. And for most, even the smallest changes can add up to make a noticeable difference.

I hope you found this article helpful and as always I look forward to your comments, questions and the sharing of ideas.

Note: Thank-you for supporting this website with purchases you make on the provided affiliate links.
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