The Body-Solid SBL460P4 Leverage machine is what we’re going to review today. It’s a versatile piece of equipment which includes three main workout stations and several attachments, allowing the user to perform over 40 exercises.

The first aspect to mention here is that the Body-Solid SBL460P4 leverage machine includes three main elements, which are the SBL460 PowerLift (the core of the system), the FID46 bench, and the LSA50 squat attachment. All three main parts are constructed of heavy-duty, 10 and 11 gauge, high tensile steel tubing.

Although this is a leverage machine and uses conventional weight plates, it still integrates one pulley, situated in the middle of the main upright post. This pulley allows the user to perform various mid-pulley exercises, such as ab crunches or trunk rotations. It’s a heavy-duty nylon pulley, which also integrates an industrial grade, sealed ball bearing for smooth operation.

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Are Setting Weight Loss Goals Important for Success? Before initiating a weight loss program, it is essential for people to know how much weight they should lose. There should be two primary weight loss goals:

1) Initial goal (short term)

2) Long Term goal (approximately one year from now)

Both goals should be realistic and practical for you to achieve.

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Advantages of using the Body Solid Fusion 600 Personal Trainer with 310-pound weight stack are too numerous to cover in a single review. However, we’ll go over the highlights for you.

For example, owning club-quality fitness equipment encourages an essential aspect of strength training motivation that will drive you to sculpt your body to its ultimate form.

In particular, you’ll have the tools to lose unwanted pounds and replace them with lean muscle mass and create a workout regimen that renders fatigue a distant memory. Furthermore, you’ll increase your endurance and achieve results with each repetition.

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The Assault AirBike Elite is the upgraded version of the highly popular Assault AirBike. You know, the fan bike used worldwide by the military, professional athletes, and in Crossfit competitions. Yeah, well as if the classic version wasn’t tough enough, Assault Fitness decided to up the ante with the Elite model.

Improvements were made to the handlebars, display console, and seat to name a few. Not to mention this bike is heavier and more durable than the AirBike Classic.

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How to Start Living a Healthy Life

Who doesn’t want to live a longer and healthier life? How insanely amazing is it to be alive, to draw breath, to experience music, to see in color, to know that we’re the culmination of millions of years of evolution, and to realize how astronomically lucky we are to exist. Given all this, why are we continually improving on ways to kill each other and ourselves?

We’re human. We’re the epitome of imperfection, and we’re going to make a cornucopia of blunders for the foreseeable future. However, we can learn, adapt, and dare to be better. I used to drink, smoke, eat a lot of junk food and drive without a seatbelt. It wasn’t until my life was at stake that I examined the gift of life.

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